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Grammar Exercises. Ex.1. Translate the sentences into Russian paying attention to object clauses.

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Ex.1. Translate the sentences into Russian paying attention to object clauses.


1.I don’t know what you are talking about. 2. She didn’t like it when somebody interfered with her work. 3. I’ll do just what I promise. 4. Nobody can tell you whether you are right or wrong, you’ll have to make your own choice. 5. He understood that someone else was in the room. He could sense a presence. 6. They were not sure what the next morning would bring them, yet they didn’t lose hope. 7. You know quite well that I would always follow my principles. 8. Tell me what you need and I’ll try to help you. 9. She always did whatever her mother told her. 10. I’m sure that they are good friends although they fight constantly. 11.Every- body knows that employment agencies sometimes help you find a job, but their fees can be quite high. 12. Anna says whatever is on her mind, consequently she sometimes offends people. 13. I try to write down what seems to me to be truth. 14. She wondered why he was always so shy in her presence. 15. He said that he would write his essay at home.


Ex.2. Complete the sentences with “what” or “that” where necessary.


Model: Did you know that he was ill?

I wonder what he wanted.


  1. She always agrees with everything … he says.
  2. Tell me … worries you and I’ll try to help you.
  3. I don’t know … you want to do in this situation.
  4. Everybody knows … he is a very honest man, he never tells a lie.
  5. Did you hear … I said?
  6. Who can tell me … happened in my absence?
  7. Everything … he did was known to the police.



Ex.3. Translate into Russian paying attention to object clauses without conjunctions.


1. 1.Don’t look at me so angrily , I know I’m right.

2. He knew he was not safe yet.

3. I think I have made a few mistakes in my composition.

4. She felt she got wet through to the bones.

5. He said he would never come back.

6. I understood I must study my hard subjects in the morning, when I am most awake.

7. We were sure we would manage to reach the shore.8. Don’t say I didn’t tell you about it.


Ex.4. Translate into English.


  1. Узнав, что за холмом есть река, туристы решили добраться туда, несмотря на усталость.
  2. Мы уверены, что ваш вопрос будет скоро решён.
  3. Я считаю, что вы несправедливы ко мне.
  4. Он настаивал на том, что он прав.
  5. Я всегда готова выслушать то, что вы мне предлагаете.
  6. Мы были уверены, что его опыт и интерес к работе будут оценены по достоинству.
  7. Он сказал, что сделает лабораторную работу в компьютерном классе.
  8. Она тихо спросила, где директор, но секретарь, видимо, не услышала её вопрос.
  9. Я почувствовал, что кто-то смотрит на меня, и обернулся.
  10. Скажи, что ты простила меня.
  11. Он знал, что она никому не выдаст его секрет.
  12. Учитель поинтересовался, не хочет ли кто-нибудь из учащихся принять участие в конкурсе.

Ex. 5Translate into Russian paying attention to attributive clauses.


1. 1.All that she dreamt about came true.

2. The man whose car had been stolen called the police.

3. There was simply nothing else we could say.

4. Mendeleyev’s Periodic Table of chemical elements, which was created in the second half of the 19th century, has opened a new era in many branches of science.

5. He looked at her in the hope that she would speak.

6. January is the month when the weather is usually the coldest.

7. The girl I was dancing with stepped on my toe.

8. Laser printers, which are fast and silent, are also very expensive.

9. I’ve read the article you recommended me from beginning to end.

10. I live in the dormitory whose residents come from many countries.

11. The taxi driver who took us to the airport was too talkative.

12. This is the country where the earthquakes occur rather often.

13. It was the best weekend we had spent in our life.

14. I warmly thanked the man that helped us.

15. Andrew Jackson, who was born in South California, was the seventh American president.

16. The experiment, which took three weeks, is a success.

17. He could see no reason why he should not meet her.


Ex. 6 Complete the sentences with attributive clauses. Use the sentences in the box. Insert who, when, where, which, whose, that where necessary.


you trust he understood

nobody had expected I spent my child-

we first met hood (in)

she wanted name was well-known

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