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Speech exercises

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Ex. 1 After reading the text below fill in the chart and speak about the persons’ best or worst times:

Name/ occupation/ company Place/ conditions/ season Activities Impressions
Bill Bryson, travel writer, with his wife and 3 children an isolated island, no towns, no shops, summer walking, looking for puffins, reading by the fire perfect, the happiest holiday he has ever had


Best of Times, Worst of Times


Bill Bryson

Travel writer

The happiest holiday I ever had was on Lundy Island with my wife and three children. It is run by the Landmark Trust, and unspoilt. There are no towns or shops and nothing to do but go for invigorating walks and look for puffins. The island generates its own electricity which is turned off at 10 o'clock at night. Having tucked the children up in bed, we would build a roaring fire in our little cottage and read by the firelight. It was perfect.

Nairn Attallah


I hardly ever take holidays but fourteen years ago I was pressurised into going to the Costa Smeralda with my wife and son. I enjoyed the first day: I hired a boat, sat in the sun for about twenty minutes and had tea on the veranda. By the second the novelty of doing nothing had worn off. I love the bustle of towns and my excitement comes from working. I can't stand people who appear lazy. All I could see were people sitting and frying in the sun. I got very agitated: the holiday was turning into a nightmare and we went home immediately. My wife and son were not upset because they know my nature.

Ines de la Fresange


When I was seven I was sent to boarding school in England to learn English during the summer holidays. The school was supposed to be a paradise for children. There was a tennis court, a swimming pool and horses, but I hated tennis, thought it was too cold to swim and was afraid of horses. The school was filled with foreigners learning English, but I was very shy and didn't like the other children. I cried all the time and wrote long letters to my grandmother saying I was lonely. As I was quite tiny, my family decided that my nanny should stay in a nearby hotel for the month I was at school. I was allowed to see her on Sundays when she took me to her hotel which was full of old people who danced at teatime. I remember crying and crying on Sunday evenings when I had to catch the bus back. It was a nightmare for a child, but I was sent back several years running because my family was obsessed with my learning English.

Quentin Crisp


All my childhood holidays were nightmares. My family had a cottage near Hastings on the south coast where we went year after year, and it was absolute hell. I went for the whole summer with my mother and brothers and sisters. My father came down for two weeks: he hated everything. It was no holiday for my mother. She had to cut sandwiches for us all and carry them to the beach. There were wasps everywhere and sand in everything. I can't understand why we didn't eat at home and then go and sit on the beach. I pretended I loved the seaside because I wanted to be like other people, but I never succeeded. I got on with my brothers and sisters in a half-hearted way, but they teased me unmercifully. We went on jolly outings when it wasn't raining. I'm no good at sport and I can't ride a bike. When I was eleven the cottage was sold and we stopped going, which was a great relief to me.

Maureen Lipman


This year my husband Jack and I went skiing in Switzerland with the actress Julia McKenzie and her husband Gerry. Although the holiday was a laugh, the skiing part was a nightmare. It probably wasn't the best time to learn: we clock up about two hundred years between us. It was also April and there wasn't much snow, just lots of hardpacked ice. Jack, who has got his hip and his head screwed on, refused to go near the slopes; Gerry could ski a bit and went into the big boys' class, Julia and I started on the nursery slopes. I could snow plough, but Julia kept skiing into a fence. I had to pick her up, which is not easy when you're over forty and have big wooden things on your feet. After she had fallen several times, Julia gave up and headed for the restaurant. I was more foolhardy, and went up the mountain with the rest of the class. Our instructor told us to ski down. After a couple of zig-zags my heart was pounding. I took off my skis and said, "I'm walking." It took me an hour and a half to get down. I reached a farm and was attacked by three dogs. By the time someone came to call them off, I was terrified and weeping. When I reached the bottom I could hardly speak.

Malcolm McLaren

Record Producer

While I was an art student I decided to travel to Libya and halfway there I realised I'd forgotten to have the jabs. I was courting Vivienne Westwood at the time and she joined me in Marseilles. We slept in a tent on the beach, and one morning we woke up to discover we were floating in the middle of the ocean. We found a sympathetic baker who let us dry out by his ovens, but we lost everything - it had all floated away. We had no money, and I thieved fruit and sardines from the local market so we could eat. There was a bullring in Marseilles and if you stayed in the ring with the bull for a certain length of time you got fifty francs. I did it because we were desperate, but I was terrified.

Ex. 2 Translate into English:

1. За последние 10 лет я почти не отдыхал. 2. Когда отключали электричество, мы разводили костер около дома и разговаривали, глядя на огонь. 3. Отпуск превратился в кошмар. 4. Мне так и не удалось поладить с братом. 5. Будучи очень скромной, Джейн чувствовала себя одинокой, так как ей совершенно не нравились другие дети. 6. Год за годом мы ездили отдыхать на восточное побережье, где у нас был дом. 7. Самый счастливый и незабываемый отпуск я провел со своей семьей на пустынном острове, которым управляла компания Дач Траст. 8. Я делал вид, что мне нравится быть на море, как всем остальным. 9. Когда на меня напали собаки, я сначала закричал, а потом заплакал. 10. Он пришел в ужас от того, что придется остаться в этом городе еще на неопределенное время. 11. Мы отправились кататься на лыжах в Альпы, но эта затея оказалась кошмаром, так как мы выбрали не лучшее время для этого. 12. Делать было нечего, кроме как купаться и жариться на солнце. 13. На каникулы меня несколько лет подряд отправляли в пансион в Англии, который считался райским местом для учеников. 14. Меня просто вынудили взять на прокат лодку. 15. Я не пойму, почему надо резать на всех бутерброды и тащить их на пляж, чтобы там съесть. 16. В школе было полно иностранцев, которые приехали сюда изучать английский язык. 17. Я был не очень хорошим спортсменом, поэтому на уроках физкультуры меня часто дразнили. 18. Во время наводнения мы потеряли все – наше имущество (properties) в океан. 19. После нескольких падений Джулия отказалась от своей затеи научиться кататься на горных лыжах. 20. Я помню, как я все время плакала, особенно по воскресеньям, когда приходилось уезжать обратно. 21. Я не выношу городской сутолоки. 22. Когда я ухаживал за Мэри, мы часто ездили с ней на пляж. 23. Я снял лыжи и стал спускаться пешком, что заняло у меня 1,5 часа. 24. Я воровал хлеб и фрукты, чтобы как-то прокормиться.


Ex. 3 Speak about the best or the worst holiday you have ever had using the plan given above.


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