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Ex. I Study the word combinations:


If these verbs are followed by another verbs, the structure is usually verb + to + Infinitive If these verbs are followed by another verbs, the structure is usually verb + ing
agree refuse decide plan manage fail want force promise offer hope seem pretend arrange expect warn learn (how) ask know explain remember forget persuade teach   stop finish enjoy delay suggest mind regret deny avoid involve like dislike hate give up put off go on can’t stand to be interested in to be good at to be fed up with to be used to succeed in feel like think about/of approve/disapprove of can’t help dream of look forward to insist on apologize for accuse of suspect of congratulate on prevent from thank for forgive for It’s worth go (shopping,...)  


Complete the sentences that follow and translate them into Russian:

1. Could you stop (make) so much noise? 2. Does your job involve (meet) a lot of people? 3. We decided (take) a taxi home. 4. I don’t know whether (go) to the party or not. 5. I enjoy (travel). 6. Jim explained how (get) to the station. 7. If you want (be) a good student, please avoid (miss) your classes. 8. He denied (steal) the money. 9. They had to put off (travel) abroad because their son got ill. 10. They didn’t agree (lend) me more money. 11. I was warned not (touch) anything. 12. I can’t stand (live) in the country. 13. I tried to be serious but couldn’t help (laugh). 14. I’m fed up with (work) for this company. 15. I’m looking forward to (see) you next Monday. 16. He learned how (write) programs for his computer when he was twelve. 17. They accused me of (tell) lies. 18. He insisted on (move) to NY 19. When I met him he pretended not (see) me. 20. Has Sue succeeded in (find) a job yet? 21. He never apologized for (be) so rude to me. 22. The man was suspected of (be) a spy. 23. Ask Jack. He’ll tell you what (do). 24. I’ve always dreamed of (live) on a small island somewhere in the Pacific. 25. I don’t fee like (study) today.


Translate the following sentences into English:

1. Дик поблагодарил меня за помощь. 2. Он извинился за то , что заставил нас ждать. 3. Я всегда мечтал быть богатым. 4. Мы думаем о покупке нового дома. 5. Я поздравляю вас со сдачей экзамена. 6. Тому удалось купить новую квартиру. 7. Покажите мне, как пользоваться этой машиной. 8. Ему не удалось перевести текст. 9. Он привык жить один . 10. Напомни мне позвонить маме.


Ex. 2 Study the expressions with verbs and try to memorize them:

to DO = perform, carry out an action; work at, be busy with; study, learn to MAKE = construct or produce by combining parts together; establish; acquire; force; turn into
do harm, damage, research do away with (abolish) do without (manage without) make an agreement, an arrangement, a phone call, a report, a speech, a suggestion, a statement an experiment, a good job, sense


Insert the correct verb-noun combinations and translate into Russian:

1. Could you wait a little? I have to ... a phone call. 2. The Russian Government shall ... an official statement. 3. This deases was ... many years ago. 4. They got very interested in the experiments we were ... last year. 5. We’ll have to ... a holiday this summer. 6. You’ll ... a very good manager, I think. 7. They asked me to come to the Congress and ... a report there. 8. He ... a good job, and I think of employing him. 9. I’m sorry, but I’m very busy as we have to ... a lot of arrangements for the Conference. 10. Your suggestion ...

sense. We’ll think it over. 11. He is ... some research in molecular phisics.

Ex.3 . Study the verbs and use them in the sentences that follow:


to take = get, accept, make records, need to put = to a certain position, indicate, offer
take a seat, a photo (of), part, place, trouble, steps/ measures against, care of smth, control of smth, advantage of smth put the blame, an end/a stop, money pressure, a question put together, forward, aside


1. We should ... urgent measures against land contamination. 2. Please, ... a photo of that wonderful view. 3. The expert refused to ... a price on the Rubense painting. 4. Who will .. care of this? 5. We have an honor to invite you to come to London and ... part in the Conference devoted to the problems of telecommunications. 6. You should ... an end to your bad behavior. 7. Don’t ... all the blame on me. 8. It’s easier to ... a machine to pieces than to ... it together again. 9. Why aren’t you ... notes of the lecture? 10. They ... my temperature and blood pressure. 11. It’s extremely important to ... control over new achievements of genetics. 12. This professor ... forward a new theory. 13. I have no proof but you may ... my word for it. 14. thank you for all the troubles you’ve ... to help my son. 15. I think we shall ... aside this question for a week or two. 16. 14. thank you for all the troubles you’ve ... to help my son. 15. I think we shall ... aside this question for a week or two. 16. You’d better ... off this plain dress and ... on your pale green suit.


Ex 4

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