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Exercise 6. Make the dialogues according to the models.

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Model 1:- Do I need to fill out the form?

- Yes, you do. You must fill out this form.

• to fill out the form • to write my пamе

• to give my address • to sign the form

• to send a telegram • to meet her


Model 2:... They are waiting for it. ' . – to make a report

- Do we have to make a report? ,i

- Yes, / think you do. You should make it.

They are waiting for it.

to get the documents to reserve tickets to talk to your boss (about the problem) to discuss the situation with him

• The boss wants to see them.

• It is difficuit to get them.

• He wants to discuss the problem.

• He wants to ask you a few questions

Model 3: - Do I have to bring my paperstilth me?

- No, you don't.

• Sign the documents • call the boss (about it) • work on Sunday

• bring my papers with me

• write a letter to London

• discuss such problems with them

Model 4: - Should I do it now?

That's (not) a bad idea! You shouldn't do that. What for? v ■. That's unwise. :

- No, you don't have to. You can do it tomorrow.

You can do it tomorrow. do it now

She can phone you (when she comes) wait for her here

They all understand English. translate the report

You can come later. . be at the office at 10

There is stiIl a lot of time left. work on Sunday




Wonderful! : Замечательно!

Excellent! Превосходно!

Terrific! Великолепно!

Good! Хорошо!

Great! Прекрасно!

What a good idea! Замечательная идея!

Good idea! (a very good, idea!) Хорошая идея! (Очень мысль!)

How wise (of you!) Очень умно (разумно) c вашей стороны)

I think that's wise. Думаю, что разумно.
Very smart! Очень разумно! .

Good for you! Молодец!

That's (not) a (very) good idea! Это (не) (очень) хорошая



Это неудачная (неплохая)


Этого не стоит делать.


Это не разумно.

Exercise 1. Listen and repeat.

1. - I'm going to America next month. - Wonderful'

- I've gotten an invitation from Richard. - Excellent'

- He wants to set up a joint venture. - Terrific!
-I'm going to accept his offer. - Good for you!
-I've shown the boss the invitation. -- Good'

2- I think we must send Victor. He knows English. -That's a good idea!

- Why don't you come to the office? We can discuss the possibillittes.

- Good idea!

- And then we can have lunch together.

- Not a bad idea! .

3. - When Victor comes to the States, I'd like to discuss the plans of the

joint venture. .

- Great!

- Let's first show him the company and then discuss the plans for

- I think that's wise

. 4. - Why don't we send a letter to Mr. Johnson?

- That's not a very good idea. It'll take too long.

- Can I say no to their invitation? '

- I wouldn't if I were you.

5. - I'm going to leave my things at the station and come for them later.


- You shouldn't do that. Take your things to the officewith you
-What for?

6. - Let's discuss our plans for the near future. -Good!

- We're going to send an invitation to Victor Kuznetsov's office and you
send him a private invitation. .

-A very good idea!

- You can take him to Boston to our branch there and show him around.

- Excellent!

-Then you'll bring him back to New York and we will arrange a meeting

for him with the board of directors.

.. - Wonderful, but I think we should first discuss all possibilities among ourselves.

- Vic is going to tell us about their plan-j and we are going to tell him

about ours.

-I think that's wise

-And we can tell him about our Chicago project

-Oh, I don't think we should do that. Not until it's ready.

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