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Interview 3

Diana: Miss Jean Wallace?

Jean: Yes. You spell it I - S at the end, not A - C - E.

Diana: Oh, thank you. My mistake. So that's W - A - double L-I - S?

Jean: That's right.

Diana: Well now, I see that you can type and use a computer. What do you do?

Jean: Er, I haven't got a job. I'm unemployed.

Diana: Can you drive?

Jean: Yes, I can.

Diana: Good - and can you speak any languages?

Jean: Yes - German and French.

Diana: Excellent - now you say that you like the cinema and the theatre.

Jean: Yes, and I like travelling - and meeting people.

Surname First name




Who do you think Diana chooses for the job?

What are their jobs?

Ex. 1What do they do? Read the paragraphs and find out what these people do.

1. Patricia works in a ... . 4. Sheila is the ... of a ... .

2. Anthony ...... ........ . 5. Mike is a ....... ..... on the

3. Carol is a ...... . 6. Colin works in a ....... .

Sheila works in a language school, but she is not a teacher. She has an office where she writes a lot of letters. She talks to stu­dents and teachers and to quite a few business men. She's the most important person there.

Patricia reads a lot, both at work and after work. She talks to a lot of people about books. She takes money from people. She works from 9.00 to 5.30, with a break for lunch. She also works on Saturdays but the place where she works is closed on Sundays.

Mike likes pop music. He works in a studio. You hear him talking about the music he plays. You can ask him to play you some music. But you can't see him. You can only hear him.

Anthony works for a company called Window-light. He's got a small office and a company car. He meets a lot of new people every day, but not in his office. He talks to people and shows them pic­tures from his catalogue. He likes people with large houses best. Why?

Colin works in a very big room. People come in to bring books back and take out new ones. He often stands near the door where he checks the books and the cards. He also helps people find the books they want.

Carol's like a doctor, but she doesn't see people who are physically ill. She only helps people who have mental problems.

Ex. 2 Complete the table. Then practice some questions and answers with your partner.


Who which person who is it who sells books/windows? Works with people who are ill? Works on the radio? Writes a lot of letters? Reads a lot? Is a director?   Patricia . Colin does. ................. ... does Sheila is. .................. .................... ... and ... do.

Ex. 3How many questions?

Sue Alto is an English teacher at the Big Ben School of Lan­guages in Sargasso.

How many questions can you make from this sentence? (Questions that can be answered from the sentence). Complete these questions then make some more. Practice asking and an­swering them with a partner.

... is Sue's surname? ... is the name of the school?

... does Sue work? ... is her first name?

... is the school?


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