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Property. Dixons.The Estate Agents

Dixons.The Estate Agents. 79 Darlington Street.

Wolverhampton. Tel. (01902) 310000.



  NORDLEY BRIDGNORTH 3 miles Delightful Country Property of character in splendid order throughout and enjoying far reaching rural views. Cottage style yet spacious interior with gas CH and DG. Hall, fitted cloakroom, beamed lounge with magnificent inglenook and study area, fine square dining room, sitting room/sun lounge, quite exceptional fitted kitchen, 12ft plumbed utility, master bedroom with elegant en suite bathroom. Two further doubel bedrooms, luxurious house bathroom. Lovely gardens to three sides. Ample space garages, caravan etc. f 225,ooo  
    BUSHBURY, WOLVERHAMPTON Hawkesford Crescent Three Bedroom Semi-Detached Property Benefiting from gas central heating and providing: Hall, lounge breakfast kitchen, plus shower, rear verandah. Parking and gardens to the front and rear. Viewing via Agents (01902) 711211 f 24,950 PATTINGHAM Character cottage with potential for further improvement standing in High Street location (conservation area). Hall, kitchen, 21ft lounge, ground floor bathroom, three double bedrooms, further bathroom, coachhouse, carport. Rayburn central heating, re-wired. Garden: 300ft x 38ft. PRICE GUIDE: f 140,000
DETACHED IS HANDY FOR MOTORWAYS The modern property stands well back from the road in Larchmere Drive, and is handily placed for both the M54 and M6 motorways. Offers based on f89,995 are being invited for the freehold home through Wolverhampton estate agents Jackson Lile and Close. The centrally heated property has a lounge with a brick fireplace, dining room, well equipped kitchen and a utility room. Upstairs are three bedrooms, one with built-in wardrobes, and a bathroom with a shower. The property has ample driveway parking space and a garage. In the lawned back garden is a terrace, ornamental pond and well stocked borders.


Pendeford TALATON CLOSE. Well presented throughout, this ground floor flat is well located for the amenities of Pendeford and comprises: Entrance hall, lounge with "Adams" style fireplace, bedroom with fitted wardrobe, bathroom. Off street parking and garden.   f 34,950 BLAKENHALL, Fowler Street Well presented terraced home offering accommodation which teatures majority double glazing and includes: Living room, dining room, kitchen with a range of fitted base and wall cupboards, downstairs bathroom with shower, three first floor bedrooms. Outside can be found a small rear garden. REDUCED TO f29,000 (F) Ref: V3175


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