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Read the dialogues and make up your own ones according to the situations below.

(Two wealthy English students are looking for lodgings.)

Dialogue 1

Student A:   Mrs. White:   Student: Mrs. White:   Student B:   Mrs. White: Student A: Student B: Mrs. White:   Student A: Mrs. White:     Student A:   Student B:   Student A: Mrs. White: Good morning, Mrs. White. We should like to see the rooms you've got to let. Oh, are you the students from University College? I've already had two students looking round this morning. Oh, have the rooms gone? No, they didn't say they'd take them. They really wanted a room with central heating. Oh, we don't mind about that so long as there's a good electric or gas heater. Well, you'd better come in and see the place. Well, this is a big room. It's quite nice. Do you provide bed linen? Oh, yes! That's included in the rent, as well as the laundering. What about the vacations? Well, you have to pay a retaining fee if you go away. You could move in next week if you decide to take it. I like the rent monthly in advance. I certainly like the look of this plase. What do you think? It's much better than any of the other rooms we've seen and the rent is quite reasonable. Yes. Ten pounds a week each isn't bad. Let's take it. I hope you'll like the place.

Dialogue 2

-- I hear you have moved to a new apartment, Steve. Is it true?

-- Yes, it is. One of these days we'll arrange a housewarming party. And I want you and your wife Carol to be present.

-- Thank you for the invitation. How do you like your new apartment?

-- It is very comfortable. It is a three bedroom apartment with modern conveniences: electric stove and a lot of built-in cupboards.

-- On what floor is it?

-- Our apartment is on the tenth floor of a high-rise dwelling house. We've got two elevators which work round o'clock.

-- Is it far from the centre of the city?

--Rather. It takes me about an hour to get to the centre by bus and by metro. If I drive a car, it takes me thirty minutes.

-- I see. Have you bought new furniture?

-- We've bought wall units, two armchairs and a new icebox. We are planning to buy two carpets and a dining set.

-- Good luck!

-- Thanks. Are you going to move to a new apartment?

-- No, I am not. We have been living in our two-room apartment for about eight years and we don't want to move anywhere.

-- Your apartment is comfortable, isn't it?

-- Yes, very. My wife arranged everything very nicely and I like it very much. We don't have much furniture, but we have got eve­rything we need.

-- I am glad to hear it.

Situations to discuss:

a) Imagine you are looking for lodgings in another town.

b) Imagine you have moved to a new flat and you are going to arrange a housewarming party.


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