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The Ant and the Grasshopper

While a grasshopper was taking it easy in the shade of a willow tree one hot summer's

day, an ant struggled in the sun with a grain of rice that he was carrying out to his nest.

"Hey, Mister Ant," the grasshopper said. "Why don't you take it easy, like me? You can

work tomorrow."

The ant paused. "I'm saving up food now for the cold winter ahead, and if you know

what's good for you, you'll do the same," he said.

The grasshopper looked at the ant and laughed. "Cold winter? But Mr. Ant, it is sunny

and hot right now. It won't be winter for a long time. There is always time to gather food,

there's no need to spend your time in this beautiful weather doing work. Come sit down

with me and have some lemonade." But the ant refused and spent the rest of the day gathering food and storing it in his nest.

As the days went by the ant continued to collect food, while the grasshopper continued

to rest underneath the shade of the willow tree. Three or four months later, winter came

and it was very cold. While the ant was snug in his nest, the starving grasshopper shivered

under a pile of dead leaves and wished that he'd paid attention to the ant's advice.

1. The grasshopper wasn't working because he had hurt his back.

2. The ant gathered food all summer.

3. The ant invited the grasshopper to come live with him during the winter.

4. The grasshopper was a hard worker.

5. The ant took a rest with the grasshopper underneath the willow tree.

6. The ant was comfortable during the winter.

7. It was easy for the ant to cany food back to his nest.

8. The moral of the stoiy is working hard will benefit you more than being lazy.

9. The grasshopper was drinking lemonade underneath the willow tree.

10. The grasshopper had plenty of food to eat during the winter.



Choose the best answer a), b), c) or d).

... Times is a very popular newspaper.
a A b The c d An
They are meeting ... the weekend.
a in b on c at d of
It was the ... novel she had written before she died.
a last b latest c d late
I always worry that … I don’t take something, I’ll need it.
a because b if c d while
There are so many cars … the road!
a on b in c for d of
Let’s meet on … Tuesday.
a the b c an d a
If you … me with my lessons, I’ll help you with yours.
a will help b helps c are helping d help
If I …, I’ll see him.
a is coming b will come c came d come
She …. waiting here since two o’clock
a has been b is been c are been d do been
I … learning English since 1995.
a has been b is been c have been d are been


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