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Choose the best answer a), b), c) or d). Read the text and decide if the statements are T (True) or F (False).

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Read the text and decide if the statements are T (True) or F (False).

Scientists said on Tuesday they had found a "Lost World" in an Indonesian mountain jungle, home to dozens of exotic new species of birds, butterflies, frogs and plants. "It's as close to the Garden of Eden1 as you're going to find on Earth," said Bruce Beehler, co-leader of the U.S., Indonesian, and Australian expedition to part of the cloud-shrouded Foja mountains in the west of New Guinea. Indigenous2 peoples living near the Foja range, which rises to 2,200 metres, said they did not venture into the trackless area of 3,000 sq km roughly the size of Luxembourg or the U.S. state of Rhode Island. The team of 25 scientists rode helicopters to boggy clearings in the pristine3 zone.

"We just scratched the surface," Beehler told Reuters. "Anyone who goes there will come back with a mystery."

The expedition found a new type of honey-eating bird with a bright orange patch on its face, known only to local people and the first new bird species documented on the island in more than 60 years. It also found more than 20 new species of frogs, four new species of butterflies and plants including five new palms. It found a rare tree kangaroo, previously unsighted in Indonesia. Animals there were unafraid of humans.

"I suspect there are some areas like this in Africa, and am sure that there are similar places in South America," Beehler said. He added that the Indonesian government was doing the right thing by keeping the area off limits to most visitors - including logger sand mineral prospectors.


1 The Garden of Eden - Райський сад

2 incligenuos - місцевий

3 pristine- первісний, чистий, незіпсований


1. Luxembourg is involved in the exploration of the "Lost World."

2. Scientists have found more than twenty new species of frogs.

3. Scientists have discovered five species of butterflies.

4. The last new bird species to be recorded on the island was less than 60 years ago.

5. Only the native people knew about the honey-eating bird.

6. The text indicates that the bird eats only honey and oranges.

7. A synonym of the word "pristine" is "untouched".

8. The animals there were not scared of humans.

9. The Indonesian government is banning loggers from exploiting the area.

10. The Indonesian government is doing nothing to protect the area.


Choose the best answer a), b), c) or d).

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