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Vocabulary. Part II to employ employer to attend to to train to identify relevant product matter to add file

Part II

  to employ employer to attend to to train   to identify relevant   product matter to add file leaflet intelligent irate to complain defective to expect doubt knowledgeable   to give work to someone for payment. one who employs a worker. to give care and thought to. to give teaching and practice to somebody to do something. to say what something is. connected with what is being talked about.   something produced by nature or by man. something to which attention is given. to increase. cover for keeping papers properly arranged. printed sheets of information for distribution. smart. angry. to state one’s dissatisfaction. having faults. to think that something will happen. uncertainty of mind. well-informed.


Part III

1. An object has value (n) if it is useful.

This book is of great value to me.

Valuable (adj) means of great value, worth or use.

Shakespeare made a valuable contribution to English literature.

Valuation (n) is the process of deciding the value of something or somebody.

The Customs officer’s valuation of the car was below its market


Valuables (usually plural) are things of great value, e.g. jewellery.

Hotel guests are required to deposit their valuables with the

hotel manager.

2. The public is the people as a whole. In public means openlynot in private. Public address system, often abbreviated to PA system, is a system of loudspeakers for making announcements in public places, e.g. in parks. Public assistance is help given to the poor by the government. A public nuisance is something that is injurious to the people, e.g. excessive noise. The term may also be applied to a person who makes a nuisance of himself. A public enemy is one thought to be a danger to the whole community.

3. To deal is to behave in a specified way toward another person. It also means to trade.

Deal courteously with your customers.

He wishes to deal in diamonds.

A dealer is a person engaged in buying and selling, e.g. a used-car dealer. In card games the person who distributes cards is also called a dealer. Dealings (usually in plural form) refer to business transactions.

He has a reputation for honest dealings.

4. Matter is something that is the subject of concern. It also means trouble or difficulty

What is the matter with Jane?

5. Literature is the word for writings in prose or verse. It also refers to any printed material for advertising or political purposes.

English literature is taught at the university.

Send me your literature on this machine.


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