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Vocabulary. Part II similar similarity dissimilarity message formal to the point to introduce to apply application to represent

Part II

similar similarity dissimilarity message formal to the point to introduce to apply application to represent representative to satisfy defect defective to replace ordinary like. likeness. lack of similarity. a piece of news. according to rules. relevantly. to make one person known to another. to request for something. making a request. to declare to be someone. a person appointed to act for others. to make someone contented. fault. having faults. to provide a substitute. usual.



Part III

Similar means of the same kind. Similarly and similarity are derivatives. The plural of the latter is similarities.

The similarity in appearance between the two girls is striking.

Relate the similarities between the two governments.

The word contents means that which is contained in something, e.g. the letter in the envelope, the money in the purse etc. It can refer to the amount of liquid in a vessel or the substance of a publication or speech. In the singular, the word content has other meanings and uses. To be content with means not to want more. A contented person is a satisfied person. Contentment refers to the state of being contented.

To introduce into is to bring into use or into operation for the first time.

I will introduce additional capital into the business.

Pop music was introduced into Asia from America.

A introductory offer serves to introduce a product to a market.

A representative is a person appointed to act for others.

Who is the representative from Australia?

Representatives of the press were present.

To replace is to put back in its place. It also means to supply as a substitute. Replaceable is that which can be replaced. A replacement is somebody or something that is replaced.

You should get a replacement for the sick worker.

Replacements will be provided at cost price.


I. Answer the following questions.

1. What is a letter of introduction?

2. In what way is the letter of introduction useful?

3. What is the letter of a person applying for a job called?

4. What is an order letter?

5. Who will write a letter of complaint?

II. Give the meanings of the following words.

1. Similar. 2. Formal. 3. Defective. 4. To satisfy. 5. Ordinary.

III. Give the word that fits the description.

1. A piece of news. 2. To declare to be someone. 3. To request for something. 4. Lack of similarity. 5. To make one person known to another.


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