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Sample Memorandums 2

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To : Sales Staff

From: Tony Svoboda

Date: June 6, 2007


As you know, construction of the new sales office is scheduled to begin this spring. During construction we will not be able to use our west parking lot. We have arranged to lease parking space for company vehicles at the Collestor Company lot across the street. Beginning March 15, however, those of you who drive to work will have to make other arrangements for parking your personal vehicles.

Limited on-street parking is available on Tigelman Street, or you may wish to use the municipal lot at Town Centre and walk the three blocks to the office. We will arrange morning and evening shuttle service from the office to this lot.

I apologize for the inconvenience, but I am sure that you will agree that the long-term benefits of the new facilities will greatly outweigh any temporary problems. When the construction is completed, we'll have a nicely landscaped parking lot with bright lighting and an assigned space for each staff member.


Sample Memorandums 3


TO: Kathy Ballenger, Inventory

FROM: Grady Kearns, Payroll

RE: Back order PY-77-71

DATE: 28 August 2007

On August 20 I asked the supply department to deliver three boxes of 3.5-inch disks (10 per box), inventory number C-14. I received a notice from you on August 21 that you were out of stock on this item but delivery was expected on August 23.

Have you received this shipment? We urgently need the disks. If we do not have them in-house, I will need to make arrangements for a purchase order so that I can buy them from a local retail outlet. Please call me at extension 91.


I. Memorise the following words and phrases:

to commend хвалити
censure цензура
to go into effect вступити в дію
underwrite приймати на страхування
to enroll заносити до списку; реєструвати
viability життєздатність
parking lot / place місце стоянки автомобілів
shuttle service рух туди й назад; тут: розвозка
assigned place відведене місце

ІІ. Suggest the Ukrainian equivalents of the phrases below:

routine company matters; reminder; to record telephone messages; to transmit documents; relevant information; concluding remarks; insurance policy; to lease parking space; on-street parking; to walk three blocks; inconvenience; log-term benefit; new facility; to outweigh, to be out of stock, retail outlet.


Sample Memorandum 4

To Department managers

From The Chairman

Topic Donald Crayford

Date 26 November 20….

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