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Grammar Review 1 – All Tenses Active. Conditionals.

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Ex.1. Put the verbs in brackets into proper Present tenses.

1. He usually (drink) coffee but today he (drink) tea.

2. I won’t go out now as it (rain) and I (not have) an umbrella.

3. Mary usually (learn) languages very quickly but she (not seem) to be able to learn modern Greek.

4. You (write) to him tonight?

5. I just (wash) that floor.

6. I (live) here for ten years.

7. You (not make) a mistake?
No, I'm sure I ...

8. You ever (ride) a camel?

9. Have you seen my bag anywhere? I (look) for it for ages.

10. The children (look) forward to this holiday for months.


Ex. 2. Put the verbs in brackets into proper Past Tenses.

1. I lit the fire at 6.00 and it (burn) brightly when Tom came in at 7.00.

2. When I arrived the lecture had already started and the professor
(write) on the overhead projector.

3. I (make) a cake when the light went out. I had to finish it in the dark.

4. I didn't want to meet Paul so when he entered the room I (leave).

5. Unfortunately when I arrived Ann just (leave), so we only had time for a few words.

6. A: Why was she exhausted?
B: Well, she __________ (study) for hours.

7. A: Why didn't he have anything to eat at the restaurant?
B: He __________ (already/eat)at home.

8. A:__________ (Peter/finish)cleaning the pool when you arrived?
B: No, he hadn't.

9. A: Why did they give him a promotion?
B: He deserved it because he __________ (work)hard all year.

10. A: How long __________ (they/cycle)before they stopped for a rest?
B: For five hours.


Ex. 3. Put the verbs in brackets into proper Future Tenses.

1. I (know) the result in a week.

2. Unless he runs he (not catch) the train.

3. I (remember) this day all my life.

4. This time next month I (sit) on a beach.

5. In a hundred years' time people (go) to Mars for their holidays.

6. I'll come at three o'clock. Good, I (expect) you.

7. By the end of the next year I (be) here twenty-five years.

8. I (finish) this job in twenty minutes.

9. By this time next year I (save) £250.

10. The train (leave) before we reach the station.


Ex. 4. Put the verbs in brackets into proper tenses, Active.

1. You (hear) the wind? It (blow) very strongly tonight.

2. Look at that crowd. I (wonder) what they (wait) for.

3. She always (borrow) from me and she never (remember) to pay me back.

4. What he (do) to his car now? I (think) he (polish) it.

5. As they (walk) along the road they (hear) a car coming from behind them. Tom (turn) round and (hold) up his hand. The car (stop).

6. While he (water) the flowers it (begin) to rain. He (put) up his umbrella and (go) on watering.

7. I (lose) my black gloves. You (see) them anywhere?-
No, I'm afraid I .... When you last (wear) them?-
I (wear) them at the theatre last night. ~ Perhaps you (leave) them at the theatre.

8. You ever (try) to give up smoking? Yes, I (try) last year, but then I (find) that I was getting fat so I (start) again.

9. I (not see) your aunt recently. -
No. She (not be) out of her house since she (buy) her colour TV.

10. The students (work) very well this term.

11. Why you (be) so long in the garage? The tyres were flat; (pump) them up.

12. I (look) for mushrooms but I (not find) any. My basket is empty.

13. When we (take) our exam we'll have a holiday.

14. When the bell rings I (take) the meat out of the oven.

15. When everybody (leave) the park the park-keeper will lock the gates.


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