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Grammar Review 2 – Prepositions of Place, Movement, Time

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Ex.1. Choose the correct preposition.

1. Dave's bike is leaning onto/againstthe garage wall.

2. A: Where's Mum?
B: She's in/onthe kitchen making an apple pie.

3. The new hotel is opposite/alongStanley Park.

4. Julie didn't recognize me. In fact, she walked straight towards/past me.

5. A: Do you know where Claire lives?
B: Yes. Doesn't she live near/alongthe flower shop?

6. I hung the painting over/upour bed.

7. Harold sat outside/next toMrs. Medley at the dinner party.

8. The cat fell asleep among/underthe dining room table.

9. The little boy hid from/behinda tree and waited for his friend to find him.

10. I'll meet you towards/outsidethe museum at eight o'clock.

11. We walked between/along the deserted, sandy beach.

12. A: Why are you so tired?
B: Because I walked all the way from/insidethe city centre.

Ex.2. Choose the correct item.

1. I parked the car ______ the hospital and went inside.
A under / В in front of / С towards

2. There was a fallen tree ______ the road.
A outside / В against / С across

3. There's a river that runs ______ my village.
A across / В over / С through

4. ______ the trees was a charming, little cottage.
A in / В along / С among

5. My house is ______ the bicycle shop and the post office.
A between / В from / С among

6. A: What's ______ the box?
B: A diamond necklace.
A on to / В opposite / С inside

7. We live on the second floor, ______ the newsagent's.
A above / В on / С in

8. I walked all the way ______ the city centre to the harbour yesterday.
A above / В from / С near

9. We got ______ the train at Ellington Station.
A above / В off / С down

10. On our way ______ Joanne's house, we stopped and bought some flowers.
A to / В up / С off

11. The mother held out her hands and the baby walked ______ her.
A below / В towards / С by

12. At night, I always keep a glass of water ______ me on my bedside table.
A beside / В under / С across

Ex.3. Fill in the gaps with at, in, and on where necessary.

1. A: Don't forget that we are going to the rock festival ______ Thursday night.
B: I would never forget the festival!

2. A: What time is the meeting?
B: It's ______ 2.00 ______ the afternoon.

3. A: Let's go away ______ December.
B: Good idea! Why don't we go on a skiing trip ______ the Christmas holidays.

4. A: Guess what! Tom and Mary got engaged ______ last night.
B: How wonderful! Have they set a date for their wedding?
A: Yes, they are getting married ______ October.

5. A: When do the children have their Spanish lesson ______ this week?
B: I have arranged for their tutor to come ______ Wednesday.

6. A: Mum, when was Grandpa born?
B: He was born ______ May 25th, 1927.

7. A: Are the Smiths going to come over for dinner ______ New Year's Eve?
B: Yes, we are expecting them ______ the evening.

8. A: When did you learn to ride a bicycle?
B: I think it was ______ 1990 when I was seven years old. I remember it was ______ a hot summer's day.

9. A: When was the first automobile invented?
B: It was invented ______ the 19th century.

10. A: Why don't we meet ______ lunch time ______ next Friday.
B: I'm sorry, I can't. I have a dentist's appointment that day.

11. A: Are you going away ______ August?
B: Yes, we go away ______ every August.

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