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Choose the correct form of the participles used as adjectives in the following sentences.

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1. Garcia is a middleman (represented / representing) a newly independent country.

2. Explain the possible problems (associating / associated) with countertrade.

3. It’s natural that Coburn will be reluctant to ship $400,000 worth of gears without first having some assurance they will actually get (paying / paid).

4. You will agree this is a most (encouraging / encouraged) proposal.

5. An export transaction usually requires a lot of (complicating complicated) documentation.

6. The price (quoting / quoted) always indicates the terms of delivery.

7. If you are spelling a word to an English-(speaking / spoken) person on the phone, use the official Post Office alphabetical code.

8. When an investment is made, capital enters a country, enabling it to import (manufacturing / manufactured) materials to build a new (manufacturing / manufactured) plant and to pay workers to build it.

9. 70 members concluded a deal (covering / covered) more than 95% of trade in banking, insurance, securities and financial information.

10. Numerous (specializing / specialized) committees and (working / worked) groups deal with the individual agreements and other areas.

11. (Imported / Importing) Japanese cars accounted for almost one-forth of all cars (selling / sold) in the United States in the early 80s.

12. Mr. Thompson’s (approving / approved) smile let the agent know that he was one hundred per cent right when he presented the middleman with a (hand-making / hand-made) briefcase.

13. The sales representative offered the (approving / approved) specs to the partner.

14. A sentence in which some information is unnecessarily (repeating / repeated) is (calling / called) redundant.

15. (Giving / given) here are some quotations that are always (sending / sent) first and thus should be (keeping / kept) ready.

16. I am deeply honoured by the invitation (extending / extended) to me.

17. (Contributing / contributed) to the view of (declining / declined) competitiveness is the United States deficit in merchandise trade, especially the imbalance in trade with Japan.

18. Between sixty and fifty per cent of the gains in productivity (making / made) in the West in the last half-century spring from better (training / trained) minds, from more research, and more systematic use of the economy’s brain power.

19. The secretary opened the door to find colonel Usman (standing / stood) to attention, (waiting / waited) to escort Eduardo to the bank.

20. That position (establishing / established), he went on to check the bank’s reserves, long-term deposits, overseas commitments, and (estimating / estimated) oil revenues for the next five years.

2. What form of the participle should be used?


a. Participle I Non-perfect (Active and Passive) (- working; being received-) usually denotes an action simultaneous with the action expressed by the finite verb. It may refer to the present, past or future.

When holding a stock in a company you are part owner of it. Владея акциями компании, вы являетесь ее совладельцем.
Not being sold at premium these stocks are called moderate-growth stocks. Так как эти акции продаются по цене не выше номинала, они называ-ются акциями умеренного роста.

b. Part I Perfect (Active and Passive) - (having liquidated; having been used) denotes an action prior to the action expressed by the finite verb.


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