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B) Substitute the words in italics with the idiom that would fit best in the context.

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  1. A. Read the text, give the English equivalents for the words in brackets, and single out the main items of the income statement.
  2. Add prefix re-. Translate the new words.
  3. B. Below is а list of words derived from the same stem. Indicate the parts of speech. Choose а suitable word for each blank in the sentences below.
  4. B. Match the definitions with the italicized words and phrases from the text.
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1. The import taxes were getting higher and higher each year. Even though the company suffered financially, its executive decided to continue paying the high cost because they knew eventually the cost would come down.

2. Before the meeting, Mr. Woodson was told to keep his opinions to himself and not to disagree on any issue.

3. The salesman wanted $7,500 for the car. The customer wanted to pay $6,500. They bargained and the customer paid $7,000.

4.In the beginning, we thought the meetings would only last two days. After two days, it was clear the meetings would go on for another week. Instead of trying to speed things up, we accepted the extended schedule and stayed for five more days.

5. The company could not decide between the Japanese and the Russian bid. Instead of going by their original plan, they decided to wait until the last minute, then decide what to do.

XII. Render the text “Agro World” using the plan

Plan for rendering the text

1. The headline of the text.

2. The contents of the text:

a) the beginning of the text

b) the bulk of the text

c) the end of the text

3.Central idea (State it briefly and in your own words).

4. Summary. (Be sure to make your summary not more than a third or a half as long as the original).

XIII. Work as one group. Point out the main periods in the development of the Agro World


XIV. The following advertisement appeared in an international newspaper. Based on the case, explain why Agro World wants the person it hires to have each of the qualifications mentioned in the advertisement

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