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Presentation Guidelines

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1. You must give your groupmates all the important information they will need to be more comfortable and successful on their business trip.

2. Include information about the business culture as well as the country's basic data and information (e.g., size of country, economy, major exports and imports).

3. Be sure your presentation is well referenced by doing one or more of the following: (1) contacting one of the information sources in the internet; (2) talking to actual business people from your country; and (3) reading articles from magazines or books about your country. Provide your groupmates and teacher with your references.

4. To help you organize the cultural part of your presentation, address the questions and topics from the previous tasks of the present Module. Present your country's basic information first, followed by the business information.

As you listen to each presentation, take notes and complete the following information sheet. Write three important pieces o basic information about the country, five important pieces of information about the business culture of the country, and the questions you have about the country that you would like the speaker to answer.




Country Information:

Business Culture Information:

Three Questions I Would Like to Ask:




XX. Word Forms

Often the same word base can be used in verb, noun, and adjective form. Complete the following chart with the missing verb or noun form.

Verb Noun Adjective
leak   leaky
  industry industrialized
  acquisition acquirable
  compensation compensatory
prevent   preventable
qualifier   qualified

Complete each sentence with the correct verb, noun, or adjective form. Use one form of each word base, and do not repeat any words.

1. The company ____________ independent companies this year. This makes them the largest soft drink company in the market.

2. The of computers in industry has been hard on factory workers. Many have lost their jobs due to a computer.

3.The _____________warehouse roof caused extensive water damage. It will cost the company over $10,000 to replace the damaged goods.

4.The factory workers received some __________for working longer hours during the Christmas holidays.

5. Unfortunately, Silvio did not_________ for the job. He could not type fast enough.

6. Raising the cost of the soft drink was not____ . The raw goods used to make the drink doubled in price.

7. Most______________ countries have nuclear power facilities.


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