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Expressions and Idioms

When we talk about people from other cultures we often express our understanding or lack of understanding. Here are some of the more common idioms that express understanding or inability to understand.

Match the idioms with their definitions

1. to catch on a. to be too difficult to understand
2. to be beyond someone b. to understand
3. to sec c. to begin to understand
4. to read between the lines d. to listen to someone and try to understand despite one's own anger
5. to hear someone out e. to listen carefully and hear what is said and left


IX. Complete the following sentences with the correct idioms.

1. Most training programs give the trainees a few months to ___________ to how the business works.

2. That new computer program ___________ him. He just doesn't understand the most basic applications.

3. It is important to ___________ even when you are angry. Many communication problems develop because people just don't try to listen to one another.

4. That is a very well-marketed product. I can ___________ why it is so successful.

5. When negotiating with people from other cultures, it is important to consider everything carefully and to ___________. What someone does not say is often as important as what one says.

X. a)Often the same word base can be used in verb, noun, and adjective forms. Complete the following chart with the missing forms.

Verb Noun Adjective
  collaboration collaborative
consider   considered
  frustration frustrated
generalize   generalized
prejudge   prejudiced
respond   responsive
tense   tense


B)Complete the following sentences with the correct verb, noun, or adjective form of the words in the chart above. Use one form of each word base, and do not repeat any words.


1. They fired her after she yelled at the client. Her ___________ was rude and inappropriate.

2. She stopped smoking last week. It is now impossible to work with her. She is too ___________ to do anything.

3. He listened to her ideas and then said he would ___________ using some of them.

4. Learning how to speak a new language can ___________ even the most patient student!

5. They are quite a team! He has great creativity, she has lots of technical knowledge, and they ___________ well together.

6. She was confused by his question, so she didn't___________

7. Some people see a couple of American movies and then ___________ that all Americans are violent.

8. ___________ prevents people from seeing one another with open minds.

XI. Translate the following text from English into Russian in writing

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