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American company having problems with their Finnish acquisition

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An American company approached us because they were having cultural difficulties with their recent Finnish acquisition, a firm that was only 0.1% the size of the parent, but renowned for their expertise in a highly specialized part of a major new product of the parent. We began by fulfilling the Americans’ request - to train the Finns on how to work with Americans. During training, it became clear that the problem was deeper than this. We then went over to the US to work with the Americans. When we asked them what their experience of Finns was, they replied 'they seem to be unreliable, don't keep promises and cannot keep to deadlines...Oh, and one more thing - they are very bad at reporting back to HQ.' This was such an unusual thing for anyone to say about Finns, that it became clear that culture was unlikely to be the problem - but it might be the solution. Further discussion and questioning, together with what we had learned about the co-operation from the Finns, led them to the conclusion that they had simply been giving the Finns impossible tasks to do. Not surprising, given the huge difference in resources between an enormous company and a very small one. Finns, we told them, are likely to just buckle down and try and do their best, without complaining (Finnish sisu or ‘guts’) and then not report back because of a wish not to lose face and also from a general tendency to get on with things without too much reporting. The Americans agreed to look into offering the Finns more resources.

XII. Give the Russian equivalents for the following words and phrases used in the text:

cultural difficulties; recent Finnish acquisition; for their expertise; in a highly specialized part of a major new product ; seem to be unreliable; don't keep promises; cannot keep to deadlines; are very bad at reporting back to HQ; an unusual thing; culture was unlikely to be the problem; it might be the solution; the conclusion; impossible tasks to do; not surprising; given the huge difference in resources; between an enormous company and a very small one; without complaining; not report back; a wish not to lose face; from a general tendency to get on with things; without too much reporting; agreed to look into offering; more resources.

Focus on Grammar:

Perfect Continuous Tenses

XIII. Make the following sentences and define the Tenses.

1. _____ has been _______ing since ________.

2. Have ___ been ______ing for ________?

3. ______ had been _____ing ____ by ___ ____ _____ed.

4. ______ will have been ______ing by ______.

XIV. Find in the text examples of the Present Perfect Continuous Tense

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