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A Job Interview

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Applicants for employment are invariably interviewed (usually in the Personal Department) before any job offer is made. The aim of the interview is not only to assess the suitability of the candidate for the vacant position, but also to give the applicant the opportunity to seek further information about the job. During the interview the applicants may be required to complete an aptitude test designed to assess their suitability for the job available.

The interview is crucial for the applicant because it is at this time that the interviewer assesses the candidate's appearance, ability to communicate and general manner. Consequently, it is important to be thoroughly prepared for the interview.

Preparation for the interview:

- Do a little homework about the job for which you have applied.

- Use your common sense about your appearance.

- Remember the name of the person you have to see.

- Know exactly where the interview will take place.

- Plan the route to get there.

- Arrive promptly for the interview.

During the interview:

- Only sit down when invited to.

- Do not smoke.

- Try to be relaxed and confident.

- Concentrate fully on the interviewer.

- Be prepared to answer questions.

- Try to ask some sensible questions when you are invited to do so.

At the interview:

- Dress carefully.

- Take the letter inviting you for the interview.

- Arrive promptly.

- Appear confident but not flippant. Do not be over-familiar.

Questions to be prepared for:

- Why do you want the job?

- What qualities do you have to offer?

- What is your future ambition?

- What do you do in your spare time?

- What do you read?

Questions you could ask:

- What does the job involve?

- What hours are involved?

- What is the salary?

- What are the opportunities for promotion?

- What are the holiday arrangements?


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