Underline the correct word in each pair.

  1. All the verbs in the box relate to legal matters. Use them in the correct forms to complete the sentences.
  2. B. Find the answers to the following questions in the passage given bellow. Put the passage in the correct order to form the text (use questions as the prompt)
  3. B. Read the text. Match the headings to the correct paragraph.
  4. C. Choose the correct form of the Verbals.
  5. Choose the correct answer to the following questions.
  6. Choose the correct form of the participles used as adjectives in the following sentences.
  7. Choose the correct item.
  8. Complete these sentences with the correct forms of the verbs in brackets. Translate the sentences into Russian. Follow the model.
  9. E. Choose the correct prepositions.
  10. EXERCISE 2. Choose the correct word from the list to complete each sentence. Translate the sentences into Russian.


1. A sore throat and a headache are signs/symptoms of flu.

2. You'd better go to bed. You've got a temperature/ fever of 38!

3. My friend injured/wounded his shoulder when he was playing football.

4. He's been complaining of a sharp ache/pain in his back.

5. The best way to treat a sprained ankle is to put a tight bandage round the


6. My sister is in bed with a chest disease/infection.

7. Did you know that herbal therapists use poisonous plants to cure/heal

8. It takes time to cure/recover from an operation.

9. Flu cannot be treated/operated with antibiotics.

10. If youve got a sore throat, you should gargle/ bandage it.

11. Now that Ive discovered that I am allergic to/from strawberries, I will never eat them.

12. The footballer was wounded/injured in the second part of the match.

13. Whenever he eats oranges he gets rash/bruises all over his body.

14. My sister is afraid of height. When she looks down, she feels dizzy/sore.

15. Suddenly Tom felt a sharp pain/ache.

16. Hell be out of game for a month with a sprained/dislocated shoulder.

17. The child fell off the bike and had to have stitches/sling in her leg.

18. Youve been working hard and it has damaged/hurt your health.


Underline the most suitable word or phrase.

a) There were ten people waiting in the doctor's office/surgery/ward.

b) After I ate the shellfish, I experienced/fell/happened ill.

c) George's cut arm took over a week to r/heal/look after.

d) David felt down the steps and twisted his ankle/heel/toe.

e) Everyone admired Lucy because she was tall and skinny/slim/thin.

f) I've been digging the garden and now my back aches/pains/injuries.

g) Whenever I travel by boat I start feeling hurt/sick/sore.

h) The doctor can't say what is wrong with you until she cures/examines/recovers you.

i) Use this thermometer and take his fever/heat/temperature.

j) I seem to have caught/infected/taken a cold.

Replace the words in italics with one of the words from the box. Use each word once only.

agony body breath look stomachache beard brains heart spine tongue


a) Janet fell from her horse and injured her backbone.

b) I had a very bad toothache, and was in great pain all night.

c) The police discovered the dead person buried in the garden.

d) One thing you can say about Ann, she has certainly got intelligence.

e) They have a new house right in the centre of the countryside.

f) Italian is actually Marys native language.

g) Before I dived in the water, I took a deep mouthful of air.

h) After dinner, Jack had a pain from eating too much.

i)Shirley had a strange expression on her face.

j)David managed to grow a lot of hair on his face.

Complete each sentence with a word from the box. Use each word once only.


cheek knees neck waist chin lips nose thumb wrist throat

a) After speaking for two hours, the lecture had a sore.

b) Terry was on his hands and.looking for the fallen coin.

c) Paul gave his aunt an affectionate kiss on the..

d) There was such a terrible smell that I had to hold my..

e) Stan is deaf, but he can understand people by reading their.

f) I never wear a watch because I dont like the weight on my

g) One of the boxers punched the other on the and knocked him out.

h) When Diane was a baby, she used to suck her..

i) Ive lost a lot of weight, especially around the

j) Norma wears a heart on a gold chain around her.


Complete each sentence (a-j) with a suitable ending (1-10). Use each ending once.

a) I think we should send for an ambulance

b) Some people go jogging every morning.........

c) It would be a good idea for you to go to the dentist's... .

d) The doctor gave Andy an injection .........

e) I'm going into hospital tomorrow.

f) We took the cat to the vet

g) Susan took two aspirins.

h) Nobody could find a stretcher.

i) The doctor gave Helen a prescription

j) I bought some special cream....


1. to have that bad tooth of yours taken out. .

2. to check whether it had recovered from its accident.

3. to take old Mrs Jones to hospital.

4. to put on my sunburnt arms and legs.

5. to get rid of her headache.

6. to reduce the pain and help him sleep.

7. to take to the chemist's.

8. to keep fit, or to lose some weight.

9. to carry the injured man out of the building.

10. to have an operation on my foot.


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