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Complete these words. The first letter is given. They are all parts of the body.

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1. t…………. (you have one on each hand) 2. l…………. (two parts of your mouth) 3. e………….(you hear with these) 4. g…………. (your teeth grow in them) 5. e…………. (the middle part of your arm) 6. s…………. (the part under your foot) 7. h…………. (Achilles had a problem with this) 8. k…………. (a joint in your leg) 9. c…………. (the part below your mouth)   10. n…………. (it holds up your head) 11. s…………. (the row of bones down the centre of your back) 12. w…………. (you put your watch round it) 13. c………….(you have one on each side of your face) 14. n…………. (the holes in your nose) 15. s…………. (the front part of your lower leg) 16. f………….. (the part of your face above your eyes) 17.t…………. (the front part of your neck)

Read the text below and decide which answer A, B, or С best fits each space.


A Healthy Holiday!

My friend William went to Africa on holiday. Before he left he had to (0) a whole lot of injections to protect him against tropical (1)___ like yellow fever and typhoid. One of the injections made him feel really ill and he had such a (2)___ temperature for a few days that he thought he had actually (3)___the disease. He also had to (4)___ malaria tablets for a few weeks before he left and they made him feel really weird. He had (5)___ breathing and nearly fainted once when he was on his way to work. On the first day of his holiday he went out for a walk. He must have brushed against a poisonous plant or something because he immediately (6)___ a terrible rash. But the worst was yet to come. The next day he rented a motorcycle, even though he’d never ridden one before. Well, of course, he fell off and was quite badly (7)___. He had terrible bruises and cuts all down his leg and he had to have about fifteen stitches. He was (8)____ so much pain from the cut that he didn’t realise he’d (9)____ a bone in his foot until he had it (10)___ . He’s been home for a week, but he’s still hobbling around on (11)____.   A make   Asicknesses   A high   A come up with A make   A difficulty A came up with   A damaged   A on   A broken   A taken   Acrutches B have   B illnesses   B hot   B come out in   B put B bother B came out in B hurt   B at   B parted Bphotographed Bstretcher С do   Cdiseases   C strong   Ccome down with C take   Cproblem C came down with C harmed   C in   C cut   C x-rayed   Cbandage



Complete the crossword below.




2one of the hard parts in the frame of your body

4a wound that you get when something sharp cuts your skin

6someone whose job is to look after people who are ill or injured, usually in hospital

7to injure someone or make him feel pain

9a chair with wheels that is used by someone who cannot walk

10taking in air through your nose or mouth and letting it out again


1pieces of thread that fasten the edges of a

wound together

2a dark mark on your skin where you have

hurt yourself

3to become unconscious for a short time

5when a drug is put into your body using a

special needle

8a lot of small red spots on the skin


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