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Match medical terms with simple definitions.

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medical term simple definition
1. arteries a. airways that connect your windpipe to your lungs
2. benign b. not due to cancer or infection
3. bronchi c. a gland that helps digestion and makes insulin to control blood sugar
4. cholesterol d. the tube that connects the back of the throat to the stomach
5. intervertebral disk e. tubes which carry blood around the body
6. esophagus f. fat that clogs the arteries
7. pancreas g. shock absorbers which separate the bones in your back
8. thyroid h. a gland that produces some of the hormones required in daily life



On this rather unpleasant page are some of the best-known and least-wanted diseases and conditions, arranged according to where they strike or what causes them. However in each group there is one that should not be there. Can you identify it?


The heart and blood vessels The lungs and respiratory


poor circulation diphtheria

high blood pressure catarrh

a stroke sinusitis

heart attack tonsillitis

pleurisy laryngitis

cardiac arrest asthma

heart failure ischemia

coronary thrombosis bronchitis


lung cancer

The stomach and intestines


stomach ulcer The liver


a hernia gallstones



Infectious fevers cancer of the liver


chickenpox The blood

German measles (rubella)

neurosis anaemia

yellow fever pneumonia

scarlet fever leukaemia

whooping cough a haemorrhage

influenza a blood clot


The joints





This is a section on symptoms, possible diagnosis and remedies. These exchanges between doctor and patient have been mixed up. Decide which response should follow which question.


1. I have been suffering from insomnia lately. Do you think I might be heading for a nervous breakdown?


a. It might well be. I will put you on antibiotics for a while anyway, to lessen the risk of serious infection.


2. I seem to have some sort of stye [staı] or infection in my right eye. Do you think I might have conguctivities [kən͵ʤᴧŋktıˊvaıtıs]?

b. Unlikely, but I will let you have some cough mixture to relieve the symptoms. You can get yourself some lozenges, if you like.


3. I feel so feverish, and I am sure I have got a temperature. I’m so afraid that there is something wrong with my heart.

c. I would doubt it. Here, rub this cream in for the next few nights to help reduce the swelling.

4. I have got a rather sore throat, and I keep feeling a bit flushed. Do you think it could be flu?

d. No, of course not. But I will prescribe some barbiturates – sleeping peels – to help you get a good night’s rest. OK?


5. I have got a big bump on the back of my head. Do you think it might be more than a bruise?

e. I wouldn’t have thought so. But I’ll give you a prescription, for some drops to try and clear it up.


6. I keep getting shooting pains down my shin and ankle. Is it possible that I have broken or sprained something?

f. Well, the X-ray didn’t show anything. If it’s so painful, you’d better have some crutchesto walk with and some painkillersto ease the pain.

7. I have got a dull ache in my arm and occasionally I get a spasm. Could it be a minor fracture, a chipped bone or something?

g. Mm, sounds a bit like it. I’ll make you out a prescription for some penicilline, and some menthol inhalations might speed up the recovery.

8. I have come out in a rash. Do you think it could be a skin disease like impetigo or dermatitis?

h. It’s just possible. I’ll put it in a sling. That should reduce your discomfort quite a lot.


9. I keep getting short of breath. Is there any way I could be suffering from asthma?


i. Oh, I shouldn’t think so, but I think perhaps you ought to start taking these tranquillisers, to at least get your blood pressure down.


10. I think I have got an ulcer in my mouth. Do you think it could be a sign that I am run down?

j. Oh no, no, no. You’d know if it was. I’ll give you some ointment to rub in to get rid of the inflammation.


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