Noun verb adjective

  2. Choose the correct form of the participles used as adjectives in the following sentences.
  3. Degrees of Comparison of Adjectives and Adverbs
  4. E. Scan the article and find the opposite of these adjectives.
  5. Exercise1. Find adjectives and adverbs in the text and make up sentences with them.
  6. ( The Adjective)
  7. (The Adjective)
  8. (Comparison Degrees of Adjectives and Adverbs)
ache bruise disease fever illness injury lump mental illness nervous breakdown pain rash stomach bug spots temperature wound backache earache headache stomachache toothache bandage check-up cure (medical) examination medicine ointment operation pill plaster prescription symptom treatment recovery surgery X-ray clinic hospital operating theatre out-patients surgery ward epidemic outbreak   be (critically/seriously) ill break sth catch sth die (from sth) get better go/come down with sth have (a disease) infect sb recover (from a disease/ operation) sprain sth suffer (from sth) be under the weather be bad/good for you be in agony be in a good shape be in a bad way be in poor health be out of condition have something wrong with you bandage sth cure sb ease the pain inject (sb with) sth nurse sb operate (on sb) prescribe sth plaster sth treat sb (for sth) vaccinate sb (against sth) X-ray sb/a part of your body bruised cut depressed fine fit frail healthy hot hurt ill injured insane sick sane strong unfit unhealthy unwell weak well wounded curable fatal harmful incurable infectious inoperable minor painful poisonous slight sore swollen terminal

Fill in the gap with an appropriate word from the list. Use the chart above to help you. You need to use some words twice.



1. Children should be vaccinated .. measles and rubella.

2. Paul wont be at work today hes gone down .. flu.

3. Pollution in cities is causing more and more children to be treated .. asthma.

4. Youre so .. of condition! Dont you think swimming every morning will help?

5. Too many people die .. lung cancer due to smoking.

6. If you have a fever, there is definitely something wrong .. you.

7. I spent the weekend in the country and feel .. really good shape now.

8. Shes steel recovering .. the stomach bug she picked up on holiday.

9. Its best that we operate .. you and remove the lump.

10. Ive injected your mother .. a painkiller so that she can sleep.

Fill in each blank with an appropriate word from the list.





1. Im feeling ill I think Id better go and .. .

2. I felt so dizzy that I nearly .. .

3. The .. are a high temperature and a rash.

4. He .. a heart attack and had to be rushed to hospital.

5. The doctor prescribed some drops for my earache but its still ..

6. I fell down the stairs and was in .. waiting for the ambulance to arrive.

7. He .. from an incurable illness for many years.


Complete the sentences using as many words or phrases from the list as possible.


Example: I feel ill, fit,


a headache an operation your ankle your doctor an arm inoperable this medicine sick some rest fit an aspirin a broken wrist hot flu in great pain your wrist painful ill an injection cancer his tooth out a virus dizzy jogging fatal depressed sore into hospital a cold mumps a sore throat incurable her temperature in plaster an infection measles her to hospital in agony an earache your blood pressure stitches surgeon

1. I feel

2. You must have

3. Ive got

4. Be careful you dont catch

5. You need to see

6. Im afraid its

7. Hell take

8. Youve sprained

9. Shes

10. It feels


Match the first part (1-10) with the second part (a-j) of these sentences.


1. If youve got a headache,

2. You have heart problem and

3. He sprained his ankle and

4. She went out in the pouring rain and caught

5. Shes not at work because shes done down

6. He works out in the gym because

7. She went on a diet and

8. He had spots all over his face because

9. After aerobics last week

10. Not all cancers are


a)with flu

b) incurable

c) lost weight

d) was in great pain for days

e) need an operation

f) he had measles

g)a cold

h) he wants to feel fit

i) take an aspirin

j) my legs felt really sore

Phrasal verbs and idioms. Complete the second sentence so that it is as similar in meaning as possible to the first, using the word given. Do not change this word.


1. I had to have a tooth extracted last week. out I had my .. 2. Has he recovered from his illness yet? over Has . 3. He took care of you while you were ill. after He.. 4. Youve gained a lot of weight since I last saw you! on Youve. 5. Drugs arent having any effect now. off The effect..   6. After fainting he regained consciousness after a few minutes. round Having 7. He caught flu and had to have time off work. down He.. 8. She has had a lovely baby girl and is feeling fine. birth She has.. 9. Since her heart attack, my mother has not been at all well. poor Ever.. 10. Michelle often has terrible headaches. from Michelle

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