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Choose the best alternative to complete the sentence.

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1. The nurse wrapped a ....... round my head.

a. bandage b. plaster c. cream d. pain-killer

2. They run every day to keep.........

a. fat b. fit c. faint d. upset

3. Her leg was very painful after the insect..........it.

a. inflamed b. stung c. stabbed d. blistered

4. Can you recommend some medicine for a dry..........?

a. cold b. headache c. sneeze d. cough

5. She..........a muscle while lifting some furniture.

a. broke b. fractured c. pulled d. cut

6. I'm sure his illness was caused by.........

a. overwork b. stamina c. fitness d. health

7. If my toothache continues, I’ll see my..........

a. optician b. vet c. dentist d. surgeon

8. You can only get this medicine on..........

a. description b. hospital c. prescription d. allergy

9. He went on a diet because of his high blood..........

a. tension b. pressure c. poisoning d. inflammation

10. His wife gave him........, which saved his life.

a. sunburn b. a tonic c. recovery d. first aid

11. Where's the ........? I want to take my temperature.

a. meter b. stethoscope c. antiseptic d. thermometer

12. The surgeon operated........... his leg yesterday.

a. on b. with c. for d. in

13. I must buy some pastilles for my sore ..........

a. knee b. thumb c. throat d. ankle

14. We're going to....... you with a different kind of drug, which

we hope will be more successful.

a. cure b. treat c. intoxicate d. heal

15. The doctor gave me an........to relieve the pain.

a. infection b. invalid c. injection d. epidemic

16. I’m .... tomatoes. They bring me out in a rash.

a. allergic to b. polluted by с. wounded by d. suffering from

17. She had lost so much blood that they gave her a..........

a. circulation b. transplant с. resuscitation d. transfusion

18. It took me weeks to........my illness.

a. recover from b. lessen c. soothe d. neglect

19. A course of.... got rid of the pains in his back.

a. physiotherapy b. casualty c. anatomy d. veterinary

20. After his heart... ... he was told to relax more,

a. attack b. turn c. ache d. diet

21. The........operated on his appendix.

a. outbreak b. midwife c. surgeon d. pharmacist

22. She's....... from a nervous breakdown.

a. healing b. fainting c. suffering

23. There was an ...... of cholera after the disaster.

a. upset b. infection c. input d. outbreak

24. Her broken arm will be in ....... for another week.

a. plaster b. fracture c. joint d. fever

25. I had trouble getting that ……out of my finger.

a. splint b. splinter с. sponge d. spasm

26. 15. The instruments were ....... before the operation.

a. sterilized b. disinfected c. diagnosed d. immunized

27. I’ve got a........ headache and all I feel like doing is going

straight to bed.

a. beating b. drumming с hammering d. splitting

28. You're to take a …….of this medicine three times a day.

a. ration b. helping c. dose d. portion

29. I’m feeling .... ... and need a holiday.

a. run across b. run down c. run out c. run over

30. The patient's health has ........ so much that the doctors fear

for his life.

a. declined b. degenerated c. disintegrated d. deteriorated

31. You should take an aspirin or something to help...... the


32. a. lighten b. calm с. ease d. rid


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