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A disastrous holiday

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The day Gerald arrived at the Almara Beach Hotel, he fell (1)…………the

stairs. The manager called a/an (2) ........ ……, but fortunately Gerald's leg

was only badly (3) ........... .;and not broken. The doctor (4) .... .…..

swimming as further (5).... …but gave Gerald a/an (6) ……............ for

some tablets in case his leg became (7) .......... The next day Gerald

sunbathed by the pool, and then took a deep (8) ………….. and dived into

the water. There was not very much water in the pool, and he (9) ……

one of his arms when he hit the bottom. This time he complained to the hotel manager, who sent a special meal to Gerald's room. Later that night, Gerald was (10)………... from a (11)…………. back, the injuries to his arm and leg, and also had a terrible (12)…………He had a high (13)…….and felt terrible. Luckily he had the tablets the doctor had given him to (14)……… the pain. As he reached for them, he fell out of bed and broke his(15) …….. He spent the rest of his holiday in bed.

1) A down В to С with D for

2) A stretcher В prescription С ambulance D emergency

3) A sick В bruised С hurt D infected

4) A went В prevented С said D recommended

5) A medicine В cure С drugs D treatment

6) A recipe В paper С prescription D order

7) A painful В pained С painless D pain

8) A end В breath С mouthful D water

9) A hurt В injury С ached D sore

10) A ill В injured С suffering D damaged

11) A sunny В sunburnt С sunshine D grilled

12) A agony В hurt С heat D stomachache

13) A pain В temperature Cache D degree

14) A hold В check С rid D reduce

15) A waist В lips С wrist D throat

Write the words for the definitions.


1) the piece of paper on which a doctor writes the name of the medicine you need _______

2) saying exactly what illness a person has (noun) ___________

3) a photo taken of the inside of the human body using a special light ___________

4) a sudden illness which attacks the brain and can leave a person unable to move part of their body __

5) a building where GPs see their patients ____________

6) an amount of a drug which is too much and therefore is not safe__________

7) (of a woman) having a baby developing in her body (adjective)____________

8) a change in your body which is a sign of illness ________


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