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Input Customer Information

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You must fill in your personal information when you first login to PC-MAX update client; otherwise you will not be able to download the diagnostic program.


Operation instruction:

Click on the button [Customer info] after login succeeds. You can see the interface shown in Fig2-6. Input your information in relevant space and click [OK] to save the information.


Software Download

After user information is saved, you can download the program needed.

Operation instruction:

(1) Choose the language version and browse the setup path on the top of update client. The default path is Ў°C:\Program Files\PC-MAX\work\Ў±.

(2) Tick the small box before the relevant program as shown in Fig.2-7;

(3) Click on the button [Download] in right column to enter download status. Programs that are not downloaded are in black. If download succeeds, they will be highlighted in blue. Failed downloads are highlighted in red.

Note:A maximum of 10 items can be selected to download simultaneously.

(4) The programs will be downloaded to your PC hard drive automatically.


Fig.2-9 software installation interface Update

After download is complete, click on [Update] on the right column to finish the software update.

Software Management

You can delete old versions of software on the download list by entering software management.

Operating instruction:

Click on the button [Management] to enter the interface shown in Fig. 2-10. Select the software not needed and click on [Delete].The selected software will be uninstalled automatically.


After finishing all of the steps, click on [Exit] to exit from the update client.

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