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Future Tenses. Simple Future, Future Continuous, Future Perfect, or Future Perfect Continuous?

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Simple Future, Future Continuous, Future Perfect, or Future Perfect Continuous? Choose the right answer.


1. I'm sure that he__________ you.

will help

will be helping

will have helped

will have been helping

2. She __________ when you come back.

will sleep

will be sleeping

will have slept

will have been sleeping

3. I _________ you in the morning.

will call

will be calling

will have called

will have been calling

4. I ________ at 11:30 tomorrow.

will work

will be working

will have worked

will have been working

5. I think that we ________ to Italy next summer.

will go

will be going

will have gone

will have been going

6. You will recognize him. He __________ a brown leather jacket and a red scarf.

will wear

will be wearing

will have worn

will have been wearing

7. Say goodbye to Ann. By the time you return, she ________ for New York.

will leave

will be leaving

will have left

will have been leaving

8. She buys too many things. She_________ all her money long before her next pay.

will spend

will be spending

will have spent

will have been spending

9. By 2014, he __________ as the director of this company for thirty years.

will work

will be working

will have been working

10. She ______ him about it.

won't tell

won't be telling

won't have told

won't have been telling

All Tenses. Choose the right answer.

1. Who ______ food in your family when your Mom is away?


is cooking

has been cooking


2. Where is John? – He_________ his car in the garage.


is repairing

has repaired


3. I love this film. I __________ it four or five times already.


have seen


had seen

4. I think I _______ home tonight. I'm a little tired.


am staying

will stay

will be staying

5. She_________ the living room when she heard a strange noise in the kitchen.

has cleaned

has been cleaning


was cleaning

6. I envy you. At five tomorrow you _________ some tan on a nice beach in Greece.

will get

will be getting

will have gotten

will have been getting

7. You arrived two days ago. You are going to leave next Sunday. By the time you leave, you _______nine days here.


have spent

will spend

will have spent

8. Where is he? I ________ for him since three o'clock!

am waiting

have been waiting

was waiting

had been waiting

9. I went to Belgium last month. I _________ there before. It's a beautiful country.

have never been

had never been

never was

never been

10. He said that his mother would be very upset when she _______ that he had lost his job.



had learned

would learn

THE PASSIVE VOICE (Страдательный залог)

The Passive Voice показывает, что лицо или предмет, обозначенные подлежащим, являются объектами действия, выраженного сказуемым:

¨ She was woken from her sleep by his singing. — Она была разбужена пением.

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