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Передайте следующие повествовательные предложения в косвенной речи.

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1. I shall do it now if you like. 2. My brother was here today. 3. It's a pity you didn't come earlier. 4. There will be an interesting lecture at the school assembly-hall tomorrow. One- of our teachers will speak about Charles Dickens. 5. Last year I spent my summer vacation in the Caucasus. 6. I came to live in this town several years ago. 7. I have read all about it in today's newspaper. 8. They finished building this house only last week. 9. Five years ago there were no people living here at all. 10. I shall go skiing on Sunday if I have time. 11. It will be so pleasant when Tom comes home. 12.1 shall come as soon as I am ready. 13. You will know that I have gone to the concert if I am not at home by eight. 14.1 shall come to the Philharmonic with you if you get tickets. 15. I'll be reading you a story until it is time to go to bed.


1. Jerry said that by the end of the year he ..... in his new house for four years.

would have been living

would be living

would live

2. Mrs. Smith told me that it had not been raining when lightning ..... the tree in her garden.

had struck


should be striking

3. The shop assistant showed me a book and said that the book ..... the museums of our town.


was describing

had described

4. The policeman warned us that ..... the street against the red light.

we mustn't cross

mustn't we cross

we don't have to cross

5. She asked me about my schedule for the next week and I answered that I ..... it yet.

hadn't known

didn't know

wouldn't know

6. George was worried if ..... enough time to finish his report for the conference.

would he have

he would have

will have

7. Could you ask Aleks how long ..... at the hotel "Grandston"?

would have been staying

he would be staying

would he be staying

8. In my interview I asked Celia Young why ..... another romantic novel.

she had written

had she written

she wrote

9. I wondered how many people ..... to the parents' meeting the day before.

would come


had come

10. The mother reminded me that I ..... to feed the dog and take him out for a walk.

shouldn't forget

don't have to forget

not to forget

11. Cindy was not sure if the delegation ..... or not, and she didn't know whom to ask about it.


was arriving

had arrived

12. Sheila said that she ..... the office earlier that day to get to the station in time.

had to leave

would have to leave

had had to leave

13. Mark told Nancy that he ..... his dog at last, and the worried expression began to disappear from his face.

had found


must find

14. Alice told me ..... that coat because it wasn't long enough.


to buy

not to buy

15. Mary said she was worried that her son ..... very well that year.

isn't studying

wasn't studying

hadn't been studying

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