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Translate the following sentences into Russian. Say what shades of meaning are realised in these examples.

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1. I feel seasick already,' she moaned. 2. A lot of people moaned about the parking problems. 3. He's always moaning that we use too much electricity. 4. She moaned and cried out in pain. 5. Don't cry, Laura. It'll be OK. 6. It was painful, and made me cry aloud. 7. After the first few shots, people started screaming. 8. He was dragged kicking and screaming to a nearby van. 9. A group of students were shrieking with laughter. 10. I'll kill you,' Anne shrieked at him. 11. He began sobbing uncontrollably . 12. It was a sob story about how she lost all her money. 13. Don't drink so fast - you'll get hiccups.14. Suddenly, she burped loudly three times. 15. Are you sure he doesn't need burping? 16. He could hear the old man snoring. 17. I heard a snore and knew he'd fallen asleep. 18. Alan stretched and yawned.19. The girl murmured something polite, and smiled. 20. The wind murmured through the trees. 21. 'Help me!' she yelled hysterically. 22. 'Don't just stand there, give me a hand,' she barked at the shop assistant. 23. He just grunted and carried on reading his book. 24. Grunting with effort, she lifted me up. 25. A few passengers grumbled that their cabins were too small. 26. 'He's such an unpleasant man,' Alyssia muttered under her breath. 27. He bumped into someone and mumbled an apology. 28. Stop mumbling! 29. Whenever he was angry, he would begin to stammer slightly.30. He attempted to stutter some excuses.


Listen to some recorderd sounds that things or people make and identify them.

181 Say what sounds you would likely to hear:


· in a football stadium during a football match;

· on a crowded beach in summer;

· in a lecture room;

· during a break between the lessons in a school;

· during a break in your university building.

182 Which of the following words verbs have a noun pair? Tick them. To make sure, consult a dictionary.

Moan Cry Scream - Sob Mutter Suck Yell Grunt Stutter Whisper Boo Sneer Hiss Hiccup Burp Yawn Snore Murmur Shout Grumblе Mumble Stammer Clap Applaud Whistle  

183 Getting professional

Act out a teacher-class interaction telling them about different noises that people and things make.

Listening comprehension

You are going to listen to a radio play. Before listening, look at the words below and make sure you understand what they mean.


Oh, blast! - a sudden strong expression of a powerful emotion.

Howl(v) - if a dog, wolf, or other animal howls, it makes a long loud sound;

to send/run a chill down one’s spine – make someone very frightened.

relief (n) - a feeling of comfort when something frightening, worrying, or painful has ended or has not happened.

take a sip of - a very small amount of a drink.

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