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Read the following e-mail and choose the correct words.

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From: Helen Petrova Subject: New York   Hello/Goodbye from New York I arrived/left here on Friday. I caught the train/plane to Grand Central Terminal/Victoria Station and then the tube/subway to my hotel. It is next to Hyde park/Central Park in the centre of the city. The views/sights from my window are wonderful. Yesterday I went for a walk/ride on the Staten Island ferry/train to see the Statue of Liberty/Eifel Tower. The people of Britain/France gave it to the Americans. For lunch we had a sandwich/afternoon tea in a famous New York deli. Last night I went to a famous theatre on Broadway/Six Avenue, and I saw a very exciting play. After the play I took a yellow/red cab back to my hotel. Tomorrow I am going to see/watch movies/paintings at the Louvre/Metropolitan Museum of Art. Then I am going shopping in Harrods/Macy’s. New York is the most exciting city in the world! People often call it “The Big Apple”/ melting port. Why? In the 1920s and 1930s, jazz musicians/rappers in the United States all wanted to work in New York. “There are a lot of apples on the tree”, they said, “but when you take New York City, you take the Big Apple!” On Monday I am coming home.   See you soon. Helen

The Government of the United States



According to It is interesting to note that So Besides the fundamental law of the US to be divided To be called to be most powerful to have the responsibility to carry out the law to be headed by To make up to be in charge of to have political independence from each other to sign bills passed by the Congress to veto the bill to ratify the bill to be proud of


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