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Exercise 1. Put articles (a, an, the) where necessary

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  1. A. Study the vocabulary from Exercises B, E.
  2. Articles
  6. C. Practice introducing yourself, friends and groupmates. Remember to smile (and use handshakes where appropriate).
  7. Choose and fill in the necessary form of the Participle. Define the function of the Participle in the sentence. Translate the sentences into Russian.
  8. Citez dans ces articles ce qui limite ses pouvoirs.
  9. Compose your own sentences with each English equivalent of the words and phrases given in exercise 9. Compare your variants with the sentences of your partner.
  10. Compose your own sentences with each English equivalent of the words given in exercise 12. Compare your variants with the sentences of your partner.


1. They give pupils …. high level of academic education ….which can lead to ….university. 2. Technical Schools offer … general education with … technical bias and serve those pupils who…. are more mechanically minded. …. curriculum includes more lessons of science and mathematics. 3. Secondary modern schools were formed to provide … non-academic education for children of lesser attainment. …. curriculum includes more practical subjects. 4. Comprehensive schools bring about …. general improvement in …. system of secondary education.



1. Find the synonym of the word “creativity”?

a) creation

b) masterpiece

c) not lazy

d) working

2. We can not use indefinite articles before people’s names.

a) why not

b) sometimes we can use

c) we can not use

d) may be we use

3. What is the difference between countable and uncountable nouns?

a)in plural, countable noun has ending “-s” at the end of the word

b) some uncountable nouns can be count

c) countable noun has not got singular form

d) countable and uncountable nouns have not differences

4. Replace this with the other word “children from 1 to 5 years old” in Preschool Education and Upbringing.

a) adults

b) teenagers

c) pre-school children

d) children who want to study

5. Put appropriate article if it necessary: “In our university _ students who study here should follow _ rules which are introduced to them.”

a) a/a

b) -/the

c) the/-

d) the/the

6. Find the word which can be used with the definite article:

a) Astana

b) Times

c) Mukhambetova

d) Money

7. Find the word which can be used with indefinite article:

a) deer

b) time

c) information

d) aricle

8) What type of education is included in schools, gymnasiums, lyceums

and profile schools?

a)Free education

b)Secondary education

c)Just Primary education

d)Just Technical education

9) In what year was 12 school-year established in Kazakhstan?

a) 2012

b) 2011

c) I don’t know

d) we don’t have it

10. What is the synonym of the word “gifted”?

a) well-brilliant

b) well- understood

c) the student who studies by the influence of his teacher

d) genius

Lesson 2 Microbiology –science of live organisms

I. Topical Vocabulary

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