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  1. D) comfortable or convenient
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  3. Ex. 4. Fill in the gaps with a suitable preposition.
  4. Formez les noms avec les adjectifs du tableau et les suffixes suivants.
  5. GPA Conversion Table
  6. Notable cases
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  8. Table 1
  9. Table 4. A cash flow forecast statement for Dillip Sanjay Ltd.
    Logistics (Purchase)     Logistics (Purchase)      













Flow-chart Control of intermediate and final nonconforming product

Table 2

Responsibility Flow-chart of the process Records
    QC, PD   QC, PD     QC, PD     QC, PD, Maintenance     PD, Maintenance     QD     QD     QD, PD, SOD   PD     1
Detection of nonconforming product


Identification, registration and holding of nonconforming product


Analysis of reasons, evaluation of possibility and practicability of correction


5 8


Disposition of nonconforming product  

Resumption of production


Release to the market after selection. Selection. Results registration in Selection List



Input is - Results of intermediate product control - Results of final product control - Control Plans - WI Hold of nonconforming product, WI Quality passport, WI Batch list filling, CL Product control, RF Technical problems form. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7. Production control (Yoghurt)QA-PC-RF-002, Stress-test QA-MB-RF-002 Control of yoghurt in incubation chamber QA-MB-RF-009, QA-MB-RF-010, QA-MB-RF-020, QA-MB-RF-026, QA-MB-RF-033, QA-MB-RF-034, QA-MB-RF-03; Check of industrial sterility of final product QA-MB-RF-028, QA-MB-RF-036, Yoghurt. Yeast/mould after incubation QA-MB-RF-009, QA-MB-RF-010,QA-MB-RF-020 Final product (Yoghurt) QA-PC-RF-004 CL. Batch filling report GEA PD-FS-CL-011 CL. Product control GEA PD-FS-CL-019 CL. Batch filling report BOSCH PD-FS-CL-015 CL. Product control BOSCH PD-FS-CL-016 CL. Batch filling report Finnah PD-FS-CL-001 CL. Product control Finnah PD-FS-CL-002 CL. Batch filling report Hamba PD-FS-CL-053, CL. Product control Hamba PD-FS-CL-054, CL. Batch filling report Quark PD-FS-CL-055, CL. Product control Quark PD-FS-CL-056, CL. Batch filling report Bosch 2 PD-FS-CL-301,


Table 2

    QC     QC   QC   PD



Release to the market without selection. Change of product status in Advantics Navision
Change of product status - Advantics & Navision  




14 12











  CL. Product control Bosch 2 PD-FS-CL-302, CL. Batch filling report Elpo PD-FS-CL-404, CL. Product control Elpo PD-FS-CL-405, CL Operators work form PD-FS-RF-018 RF. Batch list PD-FS-RF-016   8,9,10,11. Selection List QA-FS-WI-023 (Annex 2) Information is registered in Advantics and Navision   12,13,14. Information is registered in Advantics and Navision 15. WI Quality passport QA-FS-WI-007 (Annex 1,2)   Information is registered in Advantics and Navision Outputs are: - Process improvement, - Correction and corrective actions, - Competence improvement, - Data analysis, - Management Review  



4. Responsibilities


4.1. The levels of delegation and responsibilities are reflected in the Control plans.


4.2. The managers of the departments where nonconforming product have been found are responsible for:

ð Any steps to eliminate the nonconformity

ð Communication and information of personal concern

ð Preclusion of its unintended use or delivery


4.3. The SOD SD is in charge of coordination between departments.

4.4. In complicated cases QC Managers decisions override decisions of other managers.

4.5. Final decision for disposition of nonconforming product rests with SOD SD.



Supply chain Director   Tjerk-Anton Joost Oostveen   Name     Date   Signature
Production Manager   Sergey Fomin   Name     Date   Signature
SHEQA & Food Safety Manager   Vyacheslav Kononov   Name     Date   Signature
Plant Manager   Ernest Khazanov   Name     Date   Signature



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