STP and brand story

  1. A Short History of International Trade
  2. A Story of Love
  4. B) Give a summary of the story.
  7. Choose the correct words to complete the story.
  8. Dental case history
  9. Early history
  10. Glimpses of the History of English

As tea is a traditional drink in Russia and people mostly have the preferred brand to buy, new tea in the market should bring something very strong idea and make consumers try this new sort of tea instead of habitual one. Thats why it was important to specificate every component of the strategy of penetration into the market.

Wissotzky tea in Russia is oriented to the audience of people who:

Are 25-50 year old (especially women);

Are used to buy products in masstiege segment;

Are looking for inspiration in routine

Likely to be travelled and educated

Have busy life

Value good quality and comfort

Look for self-expression

The target of the Brand is to occupy stable position in the niche of tea with strong identity of surprising, premium, expanding the consumers boundaries, high quality tea.

Wissotzky Tea is the brand with great history. Positioning of the brand in Russia varies within the sub-brands.

Voyage by Wissotzky positions as the tea with taste that reminds your favorite place (country or city), that allows to taste the world.

Classic by Wissotzky takes a positioning of Classic tea blend that is unique in its quality and is traditional in its production.

The Leaves Collection by Wissotzky has a positioning of the tea for those, who want to get new experience from the perfect taste of tea. Enter the Russian market with this sub-brand is optional. After thorough study of market entry alternatives it was decided that in order to create a solid marketing programme fot the first five years in the market introducing and promoting The Leaves Collection is not worthy. However it is recommended to launch the sub-brand after achieving the five years KPIs.

The identity of the Brand in Russian market consists of four main directions:

Surprising, expanding boundaries (include: new ways of communication, new tastes, new ways of tea consumption);

Flavor is a path to emotion and dream (in other words, the taste of tea makes the consumer dream about new cities and brings back the past journeys, it helps to find inspiration and spices up routine);

Tea expert (the company exists more than 160 years, its production is represented in several countries all over the world, it has the leader position in Israels market, there is the great number of types of tea, the product is of the highest quality all these characteristics define Wissotzky as a professional and an expert in the tea industry);

Pleasure from premium feel (design of packages, strong images, style, innovativeness, great amount of tastes, high quality of tea, comfort in usage of it, natural components in the products)

Brand story is based on the idea of creating the images of the flavors. It means that through strong emotional images the consumer should perceive the information about the brand. According to the legend, Wissotzky Companys flag-ship traveled around the world and returned to its Motherland to share the acquired experience and new tastes from different countries around the world.

According to our concept Voyage by Wissotzky sub-brand focuses on new perception of standard flavors of tea and creating perception of the new original flavors through the images of the places with strong associations. The titles of the tea express mood, own taste and emotions of the place. For example, Paris Cinnamon Autumn, Beijing Divine Rosehip & Hibiscus or New York Splash Mint & Lemon reflect the senses of the cities and flavors of their emotions. Product line is mostly flavored black teas, green teas, infusions. It also has a few black teas (e.g. earl grey), red tea, chai.

Classic by Wissotzky is a sub-brand to show the consumer the history of the brand, its professionalism and expertness. It gives the chance to delight the traditional flavor of the unique brand of Wissotzky Tea. It proves the reputation of the company and its long history. The flagship on the package reminds that it concerns to mother brand.

The brand story perfectly fits Wissotzky company history, describing it in the best light:

Wissotzky was founded in Russia in 1849

Company traveled across the seas

Returning to Russia, bringing most exciting experience from all over the world




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