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Examples. The house was expensive. We are not in bed yet.

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The house was expensive. We are not in bed yet.

It is late. We have bought it.

Although the house was expensive, we have bought it.

Although it is late,we are not in bed yet.

1 The house was expensive. You will be able to swim.

2 It is late. It never seems long.

3 He did not learn to ski until he was eighteen. He is at university.

4 The tide will be out. We have bought it.

5 It takes an hour. I do not like her.

6 I think she is pretty. They still look young.

7 He does not like studying. We are not in bed yet.

8 They are sixty. I like it.

9 I do, not listen to music very often. We do not know them well.

10 We live next door to the Smiths. He is very good now.



(A humorous view on the behaviour of fans at the stadium.)


Twenty-two men play a game of football and eighty thousand watch them, and yet those who play are the only ones who follow certain rules and regulations. This is, of course, ridiculous. A set of official rules for spec­tators at football games is therefore reproduced below. In the first place, there is the question of shouting encouragementat the players. There must be no more random shouting. It is of course understood that the players are entirely dependent on the advice of the advice of the spec­tators, and how is a player to know what to do if, for example, he hears a man shouting, "Wait for them, Willy!" and another man shouting, "Try a pass, Willy!"

The official advisers in the stands must work together. Before each player goes to do something, there should be a conference among the fans and as soon as the majority have come to a decision, their advice should be shouted to the player in unison.

In the matter of hostile remarks addressed at an unpopular player on the visiting team it would probably be better to leave the wording entirely to individual fans. Each man has his own talent in this sort of thing.

For those fans who are occasionally obliged to take inexperienced lady-friends to a game, a special set of rules has been prepared. These include the compulsory purchase of tickets in what is called the "Explaining Section".

The view of the field from this section is not very good, but it doesn't matter, as the men will be too busy explaining to see anything of the game anyway, and the women can see just enough to give them material or questions.

Absolutely no gentlemen with uninformed ladies will be admitted to the main stand. In order to enforce this regulation a short examination on the rules of the game will take place at the gate, in which ladies will be expected to answer briefly the following questions:


1. What game is being played on this field?

2. How many games have you seen before?

3. What is a goal-keeper in football?

4. What colour uniform does the home team wear?

5. What is the name of the home team?

6. Do you cry easily?

7. Is there anything else you would rather be doing this afternoon?

If so, please go and do it.


(After R. Benchley)




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