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Hearing about the weekend

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Part 1

Jane Hunt We've been back at the hotel since about ten twenty (10.20). Mum and Dad'll probably be back by midnight. They'd hoped to get back earlier but they missed the train.

They phoned us a little while ago. Mum was cross because the taxi driver had driven

so slowly. The train had left when they arrived at the station. If they'd arrived five minutes earlier, they would have caught it.

We're waiting to hear about their weekend. Neither of them had visited Cambridge before they went on this visit. They were both quite excited. Dad had read a bit about the city before they left. We want to tell them about our weekend, too. If they'd caught the train, they would have been here by now. We'll probably be awake for a long time. I hope I won't go to sleep before they come back.


Part 2


King's College


Jane Tell me about your weekend. What did you do after you'd arrived at Mr. Tate's


Mrs. Hunt I spent the day with Mrs. Tate. After Dad and Mr. Tate had left for the conference, she and I went out.

Jane Did anyone else go with you?

Mrs. Hunt No, no one else went with us. If anyone else had gone with us, there would have been too many people.

Mr. Hunt If you have a lot of women together, you'll have trouble.

Jane Where did you go, Mum?

Mrs. Hunt To King's College.

Jane Did you see the whole college?

Mrs. Hunt Oh no, a lot of it's private.

Jane Did you see any students?

Mrs. Hunt Most of them were on holiday but there was a group of boys who looked like


Jane What else did you do?

Mrs. Hunt After we'd looked round King's, we did some shopping.


Jane's train ride


Jane Did you take your camera with you?

Mrs. Hunt Yes, we took it with us. We took a lot of photos.

Mrs. Hunt Tell us about your weekend. Did you have a good time?

Jane Yes, we had a marvellous time.

Mrs. Hunt Did you have any trouble on Friday?

Jane No, after you and Dad had gone, we packed our things.

Mrs. Hunt And did you meet Mr. Blake on time?

Jane Yes, he'd phoned us before he left his office.

Mrs. Hunt What did he do that for?

Jane To remind us, I suppose.

Mrs. Hunt Was the train journey all right?

Jane I suppose so. I'd taken a book, so I read that.

Mrs. Hunt Don't your eyes hurt when you read on a train?

Jane No, mine don't. Do yours?

Mrs. Hunt Yes. They're probably weaker than yours.

Mr. Hunt I suppose Simon's sleeping, isn't he?


Simon's wet clothes


Jane Yes, he'd gone to sleep before you phoned. He and Ian woke up early this morning. After they'd played cricket for a couple of hours, they went out in the boat.

Mr. Hunt But the Blakes haven't got a boat. Whose boat was it?

Jane A neighbour's. Ian had borrowed it.

Mr. Hunt That was nice. Did they have a good time?

Jane Oh yes. It was very funny, too. They stopped to look at the engine and Simon fell

out of the boat. His clothes were still wet when he came back. Mrs.

Hunt What did Mrs. Blake say?

Jane Nothing, she laughed.

Mrs. Hunt Did everyone else laugh?

Jane Yes, we all laughed. After he'd changed his clothes, I put them on the

clothes line. They're dry now.

Mrs. Hunt What else did you do today?

Jane After we'd been for a swim, Sheila and I helped Mrs. Blake. We cooked some food for a picnic.

Mrs. Hunt Is Mrs. Blake a good cook?

Jane Yes, she's an excellent cook and she's very friendly. After we'd been there for a couple of hours, we didn't feel like guests: we felt like members of the family.

Mr. Hunt Where did you have your picnic?

Jane Oh, that was fun. We went out in the boat Ian had borrowed.

Mrs. Hunt What did you do that for?

Jane To get to the island.

Mr. Hunt Oh, you had your picnic on an island, did you?

Jane That's right. It was marvellous. The sun was hot and the water was warm. What a day!

Mr. Hunt It sounds like a good day. Did everyone else enjoy it, too?

Jane Oh yes. We'll probably never forget it.


Part 3




Bob Where did you go yesterday?

Pat In the morning we went to the zoo.

Bob Where else did you go?

Pat After we'd been to the zoo, we went to a museum.

Bob What else did you see?

Pat Piccadilly Circus.

Bob Before you went on the river or after?

Pat After. But before we saw Piccadilly Circus we'd walked along Oxford Street.

When we'd spent all our money there, we went to see Piccadilly Circus.




Andrew I want to take a photo.

Pat You can't take photos in the museum.

Andrew Who can't?

Pat No one can. You've got to leave cameras at the main entrance.

Andrew Who? Everyone?

Pat Yes, everyone.


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