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General Review

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I.Correct all the grammar mistakes.


One night last week, Jack Jordon was calling the famous de­tective, Edward -Grimsley, on the telephone.

"I called tell you about my Uncle Ambrose," he said. "At 8.00 this evening, I was waiting for him at a gourmet restaurant downtown. We were planning meet for dinner there. You ought know that he's a very rich man and famous." "Yes, I seem to remember his name," answered the detective. In fact, I reading a newspaper article about him while I was have lunch just a few days ago. Didn't he vacationing on a Caribbean Elsland last week?"

"Yes, he is, and he was brought back a lot a money with him. I'm worried about my uncle because many people were knowing about the money. It possible for you to meet me at his apartment?"

Detective Grimsley was agreed to meet Jack, and he was waiting in front of the apartment when Jack was arriving by taxi.

"Did you trying call him tonight?" he was asking Jack.

"Yes, I did," Jack answering. "When he wasn't coming to dinner, I call his number, but I wasn't getting any answer."

The two walked quickly to the door of Ambrose Penwright's apartment. It wasn't locked, so they opened the door and were going into the dark room. "I'll have to turning on the light on the other side of the room," Jack said, and he disappeared into the darkness. Soon light filled the small room. The door to the safe behind him was open, and his Uncle Ambrose was lie on the floor in front of him. .With a frightened look on his face, Jack steps back over his uncle. "I'm afraid of look," he said to the detective. "Is ... is he dead?"

"He's unconscious," answering Grimsley, "but he's still alive. He's an old man and not very strong. Was easy for someone hit him on the back of the head and to take the money from the safe. And that person — I'm sorry saying — was you, Jack Jordon. Are you ready for go? You'll have coming with me." How did Detective Grimsley know the truth?


2. Correct the errors in these stories. Some sentences are correct.

1. A classmate invited Aziz to a bachelor party for a guy in their chemistry class. It was a surprise party, so everyone avoided to talk about it. Aziz pictured many single men have a party with many single women, and he worried about to go to the party alone, so he invited his sister. She wasn't interested in go. She said she didn't enjoy meeting new people because her English wasn't very good. Aziz knew he couldn't make her to go, but he kept urging her, and finally she agreed. When they arrived at the party, Aziz' sister couldn't stop stare. All the guests were men' The host laughed and laughed.

2. Thanh was really worried about to take his final exam in economics. But he did well on the exam, and afterwards he didn't feel like go home. He preferred to celebrate. His friend, Frank, suggested go out for some beer. Thanh accepted and thanked Frank for inviting him. They went with three other classmates, drank a lot, and ordered food, too. When Thanh saw everyone to contribute money to pay the check, he began worry. He didn't have a dime. He was expecting Frank to pay for evening because Frank invited everyone. So he asked Frank to let him borrowing some money. He appreciated Frank loan him money.

3. Go to dinner parties was of Miguel's favourite activities. In his country, Miguel used to going out overnight of the week. After to be in the United States for a few months, he got tired of stay home all the time. He began going to discotheques. One night, two women at a disco invited Miguel to dinner that week­end. He didn't wait long before accept. When the evening of the dinner arrived, Miguel was with a few friends. They left his apartment at 8.30, so Miguel went to the woman's place at 9.00 They were upset. They said they were planning on starting dinner at 7.30, and now the food was ruined. Miguel apologized for that he followed the customs in his country, but he was still very much embarrassed.


3. Correct all the grammar mistakes. Some sentences are correct.

The Olympic games have begun in the fifth century BC. The first games were most simple ones: the competition was consisted of a single foot race. Other ancient Greek festivals have included many more events — jumping, wrestling, and so on.

In the original games, winning as a sport brought the higher possible honour to the athlete and his family. Best prize of all was a simple crown of olive leaves. Later, however, the Greeks have begun paying athletes, and they become interested more in money than in honour.

In recent years, too, there have been being problems with the professionalism of Olympic competitors. Only "amateurs" may compete in the games, but there were many examples lately of athletes who have receiving money for participation in sports.

From the beginning of the modern Olympic games in 1896. up to now, there have been many special, exciting moments. Since networks has begun televising the games, people all over the world shared these events, and of course, most people have been read about them in the newspaper.

One of the most exciting Olympic moments has occurred in 1904 when the Cuban runner Felix Carvajal lost his money in New Orleans and can't take the train to the games in St Louis, Missouri. To participate in a race, he has had to run the 700 miles to St Louis.

In the twentieth century, one of the baddest problems of the Olympic was political conflicts. In 1916, 1940 and 1944 world war stopped the competitions. For many years, people have been argued about the participation of athletes from South Africa in the games.


4. Correct the errors in these conversations. Some sen­tences are correct.

1. A.: You look depressed. Is there anything wrong?

В.: Well ... it's just that I didn't have a date since last summer.

A.: Yeah, I know ... but why do you stay home all the time? You don't go to a party for months. You've have to get out more to meet people.

В.: I guess so. I have met some nice women in my class, but they haven't been liking me. I haven't been had much fun for the beginning of the semester.

2. A.: Hey, you guys, it's time to get ready for the party We've got to clean up this apartment.

В.: I've cleaning up all morning, and I've haven't finished yet. Why you haven't been helping me?

C.: I've been thinking about the refreshments and the music since hours. Someone has to make the plans.

3. A.: Have you heard the news about Margie? В.: No, I didn't. What happened?

A.: She been going out with her boss! В.: Really? How long this been going on? A.: They've dating since he has been getting a divorce a few months ago.


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