1. Formation of the Passive Tense Forms
  2. Passive Voice
  4. Tenses in Active Voice
  6. X. Look at the examples of passive sentences. Choose the best alternatives in italics in rules below.
  8. VoiceCmd Daystar.
  9. (The Passive Voice)

7. 1. The search was given up ... 2. That ought to have been pointed out to me ... 3. That question wasn't brought up ... 4. The matter should be looked into 5. ... that the child had been well brought up 6. Our visit had to be put off ... 7. ... that your house had been broken into 8. Don't speak until you're spoken to 9. His request ... was turned down by ... 10. Every penny you spent must be accounted for 11. This stamp hasn't been stuck on ...

12. The truth of what I'm saying will be borne out by events

13. We were held up at the Customs for ... 14. How can the desired result be brought about? 15. He hates being made fun of

8. 1. are or are being or were or were being or will be turned out; 2. had been or would be provided for; 3. is being done up;

4. being taken on; 5. is always being told off; 6. be drawn up; 7. will be broken off; 8. would be looked into; 9. had been badly let down; 10. having been blotted out

9. 1. The oldest councillor was given the freedom ... 2. Access to the ... was denied to ... 3. The child was shown how 4. He was declared "persona non grata" and was allowed ...5. He was given ... 6. Why wasn't he offered the job? 7. Weren't you promised a rise ...? 8. He was left a legacy ... 9. ... stamps, he found he had been sold forgeries 10. What were you paid for ? 11. He should be told never ... 12. You were asked to meet ... 13. Shall I be sent the details? 14. The goods will be sent to you 15. That boy must be taught a lesson!

10. 1. He is said to be ... 2. This surgeon is considered to be 3. Some redundancies in the Company are now thought to be 4. The statements he had made were proved to be ... 5. The

delegation was understood to be keen ... 6. The Chancellor is believed to be thinking ... 7. The electricity supply industry is expected to be running ... 8. Several ... manufactures are reported to be planning ... 9. The brewers are expected to raise ... 10. The drug was claimed to produce ... 11. The police are said to have acted ... 12. The Prime Minister was alleged to have misled 13. The Government is believed to have had ... 14. The explosion was believed to have been caused ... 15. The equipment is presumed to have been put ... 16. The driver is thought to have had both legs broken ...

11. 1. The fact that such a storm ... was raised by the new scheme means that it can't have properly explained to ... 2. He was warned by ... not to let himself be led astray by ... 3. ... that too much time was being taken up in ... 4. The boy's rudeness was out down to his having been spoiled by ... 5. Not until later was it discovered that the picture had been stolen 6. Never before had anyone been sent to prison for ... 7. Only in this way could the law be made ... 8. It was said that no agreement could be reached on ...

9. The rebellion was put down by ... and martial law was declared

10. He wanted the information to be treated as confidential ...

11. Had I been told that the subject ... was to be brought up at ...

12. He dislikes being thought a fool by ... 13. After having been ignored by ..., 14. Should it be proved beyond doubt that the fire was caused by an accident, the man who is at present being held (by the police) on suspicion of arson will, naturally, be released 15. On being informed that he was wanted by the police, the man realized that he had been betrayed by ...

12. 1. The fire brigade finally got the fire under control, but not before it had caused extensive damage 2. Don't let your failure depress you 3. In view of the widespread concern (that) the community feels at the plan to build ... village, the local Council has decided to hold a ... 4. Thieves had broken into the house and (had) stolen two ... 5. Only after the scientists had subjected the new ... tests did the Company put in on the market ... 6. The leader hadn't thought out the plan at all well 7. The Board ought to have made it quite clear to the shareholders, before they held ... meeting, that they would not allow them to vote for ... 8. You should have obtained your ... before you made any decision to take ... 9. The army authorities needn't have caused him ... distress by telling him that ... action, as they later discovered that

they had made a mistake as to ... 10. The reporter withheld information about the source from which he had obtained ...

13. 1. This fact is very well-known 2. The theatre was opened only last month 3. It will soon be forgotten 4. The answers must be written in ink 5. Two of my books have been taken 6. The vacancy has already been filled 7. What should be done in such cases? 8. Was anything interesting said? 9. Was the situation never made clear to you? 10. Milk should be kept in a refrigerator . I don't think it can be done 12. He would undoubtedly have been killed if he hadn't promised to cooperate 13. The work must be finished by 7 14. This type of computer is now being manufactured in many European countries 15. The secret could not possibly have been known 16. Have all the necessary arrangements been made? 17. Fortunately nothing had been said about it 18. All orders will be promptly executed (or executed promptly) 19. The man was kept in custody 20. Are all the rooms regularly cleaned (or cleaned regularly)?

14. 1. was destroyed 2. had been bitten/was given 3. be respected 4. are being demolished 5. have been instructed 6. was saved 7. is expected to be declared 8. is being done 9. was being victimized 10. was evicted 11. had been thought 12. will have been built 13. be discontinued 14. being cross-examined 15. having been threatened 16. Being tea treated 17. to have been informed/ had been withdrawn 18. are asked/have been given/be rectified 19. not being offered 20. having been found

16. 1. The president is called (by somebody) every day 2. The other members are being called by John 3. The documents were being delivered to the department by Martha 4. The amendment has been repealed by the other members 5. The information had been received by the delegates before the recess 6. The supplies for this class should be bought by the teacher 7. Mr Watson will be called (by somebody) tonight 8. Considerable damage has been caused by the fire 9. A new procedure was being developed by the company before the bankruptcy hearings began 10. The papers will have received by John tomorrow

18. 1. The milk is brought, the letters are left 2. letters won't be brought, they'll have to be collected from 3. Things are stolen from, twenty bottles were stolen 4. this street is swept, it wasn't swept 5. This box is cleared, It was last cleared 6. A light was Burned on and the door (was) opened 7. This office is cleaned, the upstairs offices are cleaned 8. He was never seen, all his meals were taken up 9. This purse was left ... it was found by the cleaner 10. 1,000 new houses are built, last year 1,500 were built

11. Hot meals are served, coffee and sandwiches can be ordered

12. All sorts of things are left in buses. They are collected by the conductors and (are) sent 13. He was taken to hospital by ambulance 14. many people are killed and injured ... can't something be done 15. The warehouse is guarded by dogs. A thief who tried to get in was seen by a dog and chased 16. The police were called and the man (was) arrested 17. Tom, who had only a slight injury, was helped off, but Jack, who was seriously injured, was carried off 18. This dress can't be washed, it must be dry-cleaned 19. The entire block is being demolished 20. He recommends that new tyres should be fitted 21. He suggested that council tenants should be allowed 22. These calculations used to be done by men; now they are done by a computer 23. The man was tried, found guilty and sent to prison 24. The knockers of all the flats are polished ... mine hasn't been polished 25. My piano is being repaired

26. Tickets shouldn't be thrown away ... they may be checked

27. Jack was invited but Tom wasn't (invited) 28. All the sandwiches were eaten ... and all the beer (was) drunk. Nothing was left 29. has my parcel been posted 30. Why wasn't I informed of 31. The book was written by Tom Smith and published by Brown and Co 32. The car will have to be towed 33. all our copies have been sold but more have been ordered 34. Trespassers will be prosecuted 35. My car was stolen and abandoned ... The radio had been removed but no other damage had been done 36. Dogs must be kept on leads

19. 1. The letter hasn't been stamped 2. I wasn't paid for the work; I was expected to do 3. he was being moved 4. I wasn't introduced 5. I was awakened by a frightful crash 6. When this street has been widened the residents will be kept awake all night by the roar 7. The rubbish was thrown away 8. These TV sets are made by a Japanese firm 9. The town was destroyed by an earthquake 10. This could be done much more easily by (a) machine 11. Umbrellas and sticks must be left 12. Tenants are asked not to play 13. Your clock can't be repaired 14. Articles (which have been) bought during the sale cannot be exchanged 15. Fruit has to be picked very early otherwise it can't be got to the market 16. People shouldn't be allowed to park 17. My house is being

Batched 18. The passage will be read three times 19. Dictionaries may not be used 20. This letter need not be typed 21. "13" has been crossed out and "12A" has been written 22. This man mustn't be moved; he is too ill/he is too ill to be moved. He will have to be left 23. His house was searched and stolen articles were found 24. This room hasn't been used 25. He was taken for 26. These books should have been taken back 27. The children were brought up 28. The For Sale notice has been taken down ... the house has been sold 29. His house was broken into ... a lot of his things (were) stolen 30. You have been warned 31. He was knocked down by a lorry 32. My keys were returned to me; they had been picked up 33. The books had to be given back; we were not allowed to take 34. These documents shouldn't be left ... They should be locked up 35. Coffee and biscuits were handed round 36. Other people's schemes have been tried. Why has rny scheme never been tried?

20. 1. troops have been called out 2. trains were held up by fog 3. this is to be left here. It will be called for 4. police were called in 5. children were not properly looked after 6. reinforcements are being flown in 7. men of 28 were called up 8. he was looked up to by everyone 9. he will be seen off at the airport by all the ministers 10. bed hasn't been slept in 11. more rooms can be built on 12. he was thrown out 13. different attitude will have to be adopted 14. he ought to be locked up 15. they weren't taken in by her story 16. house was broken into 17. small plastic toys are being given away 18. notice was taken down 19. smoking is frowned on 20. after a million pounds had been spent ... the scheme was given up 21. my car had been towed away. I asked why this had been done and was told that ... it had been parked 22. weapons must be handed in 23. he was shouted down 24. he is often taken for his brother 25. the cork hasn't been taken out 26. pool was to have been used ... it is being filled in 27. students are being turned away 28. skyscraper will have to be pulled down as the town planning regulations have not been complied with

21. 1. money was added up and found to be correct 2. I am having the bathroom tiled 3. a terrible mistake seems to have been made 4. you are supposed to make tea 5. he is known to be armed 6. he was seen to pick up 7. you are known to have been 8- he is believed to have 9. this needn't have been done 10. you

had better have it taken in 11. he likes to be called "sir" 12. this switch isn't to be/mustn't be touched 13. you will have to have/get it seen to or it will have to be seen to 14. this can't be done 15. we are being followed 16. boys used to be made to climb 17. it has to be seen to be believed 18. I am tired of being ordered about 19. he doesn't like being laughed at 20. this watch needn't be wound/doesn't need to be wound 21. he shouldn't have been told 22. they decided that the money should be divided 23. he is believed to have been killed 24. letters are to be sent 25. she is considered to have been 26. smoking is not allowed 27. the expedition is known to have reached 28. before printing was invented everything had to be written 29. the government was urged to create/they urged that more jobs should be created 30. they suggested that the sale of alcohol should be banned

30. 1. Wine should be opened ... before it used 2. steps had been cut 3. my shoes had been cleaned and my suit brushed 4. room is used 5. nails must not be hammered 6. pigs are used 7. a light was switched on and the door opened 8. picture had been slashed 9. theatre is being pulled down 10. wasn't the roof mended 11. All the shop windows were broken 12. system was being started because books were not being returned 13. each of us was asked 14. refreshments will be served 15. bicycles must not be left 16. books may be kept ... they must be returned 17. hole had been cut 18. it is being delivered 19. he has already been told 20. bells were rung 21. noting can be done unless we are given more 22. far more is being spent on food now than was spent 23. paintings will be exhibited 24. nothing more will be said .. if the ... gun is returned 25. he was told 26. My dog was stolen and brought back only when a £20 reward was offered 27. he was given two weeks 28. flowers are made

31. 1. seals are fed 2. who was it written by? 3. compare clothes washed by us with clothes washed by any other 4 he expected to be offered 5. she was shown 6. oak was struck by lightning 7. it couldn't have been painted by T. because that kind of dress wasn't worn 8. she was stung by a jellyfish 9. special edition for ... has been written 10. herbs used to be carried by judges 11. what was it written with? It was written with 12. shot

1 was succeeded by an uneasy silence 13. were you interested by the idea? 14. he was given details 15. dams are made by beavers 16. engines used to be started by hand, now they are started b)

electricity 17. this was opposed by most people 18. a lot of the work is being done by students 19. dock was to have been opened by the PM 20. They recommend that new factories should be opened 21. a lot of men will be made redundant by the closure

22. instructions could be understood by anyone 23. children ... will not be admitted 24. ship is to be manned by boys 25. camp was flooded by a rainstorm 26. He was kept awake all night by the howling 27. They suggested that the tests should be made 28. All this damage couldn't have been done by children

32. 1. why don't you get an oculist to test your eyes? 2. the authorities are to introduce this ... limit 3. they are lengthening the runways 4. nurses are wakening patients 5. people say that B. lived 6. British fishermen must offer any sturgeon that they catch to the Queen 7. someone has altered this notice 8. squatters have been using their houseboat 9. they were towing the ... ship 10. get a builder to put in a lift 11. The firm made a profit ... but a loss of ... which they made ... cancelled this 12. guests will wear evening dress 13. the authorities put the ship ... and forbade passengers and crew 14. we shall have to find someone 15. They made him surrender his passport 16. our opponents must have started 17. the New Arts Gallery is to exhibit my paintings 18. experts have proved that this scientific theory is false 19. they are to salvage the car which the wind blew 20. police are guarding the house where they found the dead man to prevent anyone from entering it and interfering with the evidence 21. why didn't you either lock the car or put it 22. people are saying that the government is spending too little money

23. you could put your money to good use instead of leaving it idle 24. people believed that the earth was flat 25. no one has read this copy; no one has cut the pages 26. the police led away the student who threw the stones 27. people say that early Egyptian and Greek sailors used carrier pigeons 28. a strong police guard was escorting the referee

33. 1. This manuscript was discovered many years ago 2. The town is being built 3. The report was followed by a discussion 4. He was promoted 5. She was dismissed owing to reduction of staff 6. She was bored to death staying at home 7. The Play is based on historical facts 8. The third part is still being shot 9. His speech will be recorded to be broadcast 10. Your suitcase will be taken care of 11. Is the service charge included?

12. We are disconnected 13. I was caught in the rain 14. Screams of laughter were heard in the next room 15. We were told to wait 16. This article is often referred to 17. She was offered a cup of tea 18. He was shown the way to the railway station 19. She complained about being found fault with 20. He was always made fun of 21. He was given a high award 22. I was given two days to think it over 23. When will he be sent for? 24. Were you allowed to take these journals home? 25. Bad habits are got rid of

34. 1. New hospitals are built every year 2. He has not been seen for a week 3. The police reported that the killer had been arrested 4. When I returned to this town, the hospital was still being built 5. I am invited to a party 6. We were asked to come as early as possible 7. We were advised to be cautious 8. I was paid cash 9. We were told to wait 10. He was followed by two policemen 11. The merchandise was not delivered on time 12. The negotiations will not be finished next week 13. Will your article be published in tomorrow's issue? 14. Is the village located in the mountains? 15. This letter must be written today 16. The bill has to be paid before the end of the month 17. This letter ought to be sent by airmail 18. English is spoken all over the world 19. The mayor was supported by a majority of the votes 20. You have been warned 21. She knew her sister would come home late, she had been invited to a birthday party 22. The tourists would like to know who this palace had been built by 23. When we entered the house his suggestion was still being discussed 24. Don't you understand the rule which has been just explained to you 25. She wanted to know if she was still being waited for 26. The girl asked if I spoke French as she wanted to know where the tickets were being sold

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