1. B) Retell the text in indirect speech.
  2. Chapter IV. 3. TEMPO OF SPEECH
  3. Chapter V. RHYTHM OF SPEECH
  4. Ex 14 Change the following sentences into Indirect Speech following the examples. Notice the changes in the pronouns.

10. 11-1; 5-2; 14-3; 7-4; 10-5; 12-6; 13-7; 15-8; 2-9; 6-10; 3-11; 8-12; 1-13; 4-14; 16-15; 9-16.

31. (In many of these examples other pronouns would be equally correct^} 1. told her I had ... to show her 2. said nothing grew in her garden ... it never got 3. told his mother he was going away the next day 4. said he had been ... he hadn't had 5. remarked that it wasn't so foggy that day as it had been the day as before 6. said that the underpass was being opened two days later 7. said they had moved into their flat but they didn't like it ... their last one 8. said they had ... it didn't work 9. said that ... windows of his flat he could see 10. said she'd no idea what the time was but she'd dial 11. his wife had just been made 12. said she'd come with me ... she was 13. said he had ... that afternoon ... he hadn't done his homework 14. warned her if she let ... she would scorch her clothes 15. pointed out I hadn't given him ... bill was ... I'd paid him 16. Englishmen made ... they were 17. she liked men ... she didn't like them ... She preferred ... men looked silly 18. The report stated that the new Rolls Royce ran ... all you could hear was ... The Managing Director replied that they'd have 19. said she didn't know ... her plums. She supposed (said she supposed) she'd have to ... trouble was no one in her

family ate 20. explained they liked working ... they got 21. that he was ... and he did all his own 22. told Joan she could keep that one if she liked as he had 23. said he was going fishing with his mother that afternoon and they were just going 24. told her she had got my umbrella and that hers was in her bedroom 25. explained to his client that he knew what they had said because he had bugged 26. said he'd sit up till she came in but he hoped she wouldn't 27. told me that if I gave him ... he'd ... for me 28. said she had ... it didn't seem ... to her weight 29. said it was ... and that he used one of them himself 30. said her new house was supposed to be ... but that so far she hadn't seen

31. said that if we answered all the questions ... we might win

32. said that if he pressed his ear ... he could hear ... were saying 32. 1. he hadn't been able to get ... he had lost his key, so he

had had to break 2. the mirror was there ... he could see himself when he was dancing 3. told him she had written to him two days before and wondered why he hadn't 4. if the ground was dry ... his horse might win 5. advised me to slow down as there was 6. said that if Tom wanted ... he'd better apply 7. they had walked ... the previous night ... protest about their rent. The Minister had been ... had promised ... what he could for them 8. said they should put traffic lights there, otherwise there'd be 9. told them it was time they began training for their ... 10. said to me that if I left ... I should be there 11. if it rained that afternoon it would be ... the following day 12. told her guest she had meant ... she had plugged ... She was always doing 13. he had been intending ... the next day ... didn't think he'd be 14. told Mrs Smith that Bill should do ... he had done very well at the school 15. told her husband she didn't think his father liked her 16. told her the steak was ... and said/added that he was not complaining but was just pointing ... she said she wished he'd stop 17. reported that the burglars hadn't been able ... had carried it 18. told me that if I saw her father I'd recognize him ... He was 19. he had found ... the day before'... was going ... that afternoon 20. he had got out ... while he was standing ... the gears (had) engaged ... and the boat had gone/went 21. says he has done 22. asked if he would like me to go with him. He said he'd rather go ... or, I offered to go with him, but he said 23. told me I might take his car if I liked and said he wouldn't be needing it the next day or the day after that 24. that the previous day Tom and she had gone/been to

look ... he was thinking ... It was rather ... and had a lovely garden but Tom had decided ... was opposite 25. his wife wanted to take ... he'd rather she concentrated on their home 26. she didn't know what my father would say when he saw ... my puppies had made of the £5 note 27. it was high time I passed my test; she was tired 28. said I wished she had seen it

33. 1. asked what had happened 2. asked which .. (had) inherited 3. asked who was going 4. asked what would happen 5. asked which team had won 6. asked which team (had) won 7. asked who was playing the following week 8. asked who would be umpiring 9. asked who wanted 10. asked who had just dropped 11. asked where the ... office was 12. asked what she should do with her ... 13. asked what platform the train left 14. asked when it arrived 15. asked when the timetable had been changed 16 asked why the 2.30 had been ... 17. asked how much a day return cost 18. asked why the price went up 19. asked how he could get 20. asked when they were coming 21. asked if a return ... was 22. asked if puppies travelled 23. asked if she could bring her dog ... with her 24. asked if the train stopped 25. asked if you could telephone 26. asked if the 2.40 had 27. asked if you could get 28. asked if they brought 29. asked if there were 30. asked if

he had

34. 1. asked what-country I came from 2. asked how long I'd been here 3. asked if I was working 4. asked if I had 5. asked what I was going to study 6. asked if I had enrolled 7. asked if I wanted to buy 8. asked if I had seen 9. asked if I played 10. asked if I would have 11. asked if I had played for my ... 12. asked if I was interested 13. asked if I would like 14. asked what I thought

Each of the following will begin: she asked/ wanted to

know/ enquired 15. how long it had been 16. if I liked 17. if he

was 18. how many ... there were 19. how big the classes were

20. if the classes were 21. what the academic standard was like

22. if parents could visit 23. if there was 24. if they taught

25. what ... could the children learn 26. if there was 27. if they\

i acted 28. what ... plays they had done 29. what games they

played 30. if the fields were 31. if they were taught 32. if the

children could get 33. if the food was good 34. if there was

35. how often it met 36. if our boys had been/were happy

35. (/'/ is interchangeable with whether except in conditional sentences.} 1. asked why he was looking 2. asked who had

put ... in his coffee 3. asked which of them knew 4. asked why he had travelled 5. inquired how she could run in high-heeled shoes 6. asked them what their new house was like 7. asked where he was supposed to go 8. asked him whose car he had borrowed the previous night 9. asked me what she was/had been wearing when I saw her last 10. asked who owned the revolver 11. asked Mr J. where he had been the previous night 12. asked the boy what else he had seen 13. asked whether he had done that sort

14. asked her if she could read 15. inquired whether they had understood what I had said to them 16. asked the customer if he was being attended to 17. asked him if he would go ... the others did 18. asked Mary if she saw what he saw 19. inquired who had left 20. asked him if he had gone ... and if he wanted 21. asked why his house was ... and whether his father had been 22. asked if he was leaving that day or the following morning 23. asked how far it was and how long it would take 24. asked if he could speak to Mrs Pitt. The au pair girl answered that she was afraid she was out and asked if she could take 25. asked the little boy if he was sorry for what he had done 26. asked her if she was going to 27. asked the woman if she would mind if he looked inside her bag 28. asked the student if he would know what to do if someone fell at his feet 29. asked her why she thought it might be 30. asked him if he knew ... shoes he was wearing weren't

36. (The following are possible answers. Other introductory verbs are often possible.) 1. He told her to switch off the TV 2. She told Tom to shut 3. I asked Mary to lend me her pen 4. I warned them not to watch 5. He warned me not to believe everything I heard 6. asked me to fill up the 7. I told them not to hurry 8. warned Mary not to touch the switch 9. ordered the bank clerk to open 10. begged me to do as he said 11. told Peter to help his mother 12. told the children not to make 13. told us to do whatever we liked 14. warned them not to miss their train

15. advised his client to read it before he signed it 16. begged her to sing it again 17. warned us not to put our hands 18. advised him to buy 19. begged him not to drive 20. told the boys not to lean their bicycles against his windows 21. asked her to come with him 22. advised her to cook it 23. warned the lady not to touch 24. told the boys not to argue with him 25. told him to pull as hard as he could 26. ordered the porter to send 27. advised us not to lend 28. told us to make a list of what we wanted 29. told

her to look 30. warned the people on the platform to stand clear 31. asked the children to see if they could 32. warned her not to go 33. asked the customer to pay 34. the notice told us to leave the space clear 35. I reminded them to write to their 36. warned her to think well before she answered

37. (See note above key to Exercise 36.) 1. told me to get out of his 2. ordered me to climb 3. asked the customer to pay 4. asked her to open her 5. told Mrs P. not to worry but (to) leave it all to him 6. warned him not to use 7. told the taxi-driver to follow the car 8. recommended me to wash 9. urged me to have confidence in him 10. told the liftman to take him 11. advised the passengers to read 12. told her always to cook .. and never to use 13. told him not to argue with his 14. reminded me to prune 15. told her to wait for him 16. advised her not to eat ... and to avoid 17. advised me not to say 18. the notice told/asked people not to ask 19. told her not to forget 20. advised /told me to cross 21. asked him to write to her as-often as he could 22. told him to put his 23. asked the porter to find him 24. told me not to forget my 25. told the children not to go 26. told his men to search 27. told her not to make 28. told/warned him to put the gun down as it was loaded

38. (See note above key to Exercise 36.) 1. advised us to make ... our time as we wouldn't get 2. urged the public not to wait till the following day but to post ... that day 3. warned them to be ... and reminded me to drive 4. said he couldn't open it and told/asked Peter to have 5. told me to go and get him ... and to come 6. said someone was coming and told/urged me to get 7. warned us to give way to ... the /our right 8. begged us to send whatever we could spare 9. advised him to wear a wig if he didn't want to be recognized 10. warned/told them not to bathe when the red flag was flying 11. told him not to forget/reminded him to thank ... when he was saying 12. told me to watch ... and not to let it 13. told/advised/warned me not to shelter ... as the tree might 14. told me to put the message ... and throw 15. told me to read it for myself if I didn't believe what he said 16. reminded me to use my 17. told her husband not to drive . or the baby would 18. begged her to make ... stronger and said that it had been ... the previous night 19. warned us to beware

20. told me to smell it and asked if I thought it had gone bad

21. told him not to take his coat off as they were going 22. told

her to stand by the window and tell him if anyone went 23. told his pupil not to move till ... waved him on 24. told me not to touch it as I would only make 25. warned him to be careful as the steps were 26. told/asked the girl to ask her boss ... and said that my number was ... She asked me to repeat it 27. ... told him to tell them not to work ... as if they finished ... they wouldn't get 28. The placard warned us to prepare to meet our doom as the end of the world was at hand 29. The instructor reminded me to put 30. Keiko asked him to take off his

39. 1. he invited me to have lunch with him 2. offered me/her/him a 3. asked if they'd mind not smoking/asked them not to smoke 4. told her to take the ... and to shut the door as she went 5. asked me to help her as she couldn't 6. said it was a ... and advised me to ask 7. advised me to try to/and get 8. offered to wait for me/said she'd wait if I liked 9. reminded me to switch off when I'd finished 10. asked/told me to check the figures for him 11. advised me to apologize 12. asked him to check 13. told me to sit/said he wished I'd sit ... asked how I expected him to paint me when I kept jerking my head 14. advised him to go by train as it was 15. The notice asked guests not to play 16. asked me to wait 17. strongly advised me to see 18. advised them to plant 18. asked me to sign 20. asked me to forward ... while he was 21. The police asked anyone who has seen the ... to get in touch with their nearest 22. warned me not to leave my ... as our host's dogs might mistake me 23. told me to answer the letter and reminded me to keep 24. asked me to move my car as it was blocking his 25. Mrs Jones asked them to let her know when their ... came in 26. The coach told the first team to report 27. Tom asked Ann to sew on the button for him. Mary advised him to sew it on himself as buttons ... usually came off 28. The girl asked me to sit down and said .../said that if I sat down the fortune-teller would be with me

40. 1. asked if he could get 2. said she couldn't open ... Tom offered to do it for her 3. asked the official to translate it 4. wondered if they would ever meet 5. asked if I would be there the next day. I said that I would 6. asked if she could lose ... the doctor said (that) she couldn't 7. offered me a drink 8. urged us to install 9. asked me to read it 10. asked (me) if she should tell him what had happened 11. asked if I wouldn't like to look 12. said she was going ... Tom said he was too and offered her

a lift/asked if she'd like a lift 13. asked for a sweet/asked if he could have a sweet 14. asked if they could stay 15. asked for the weekend/asked if he could have 16. asked if he could leave 17. asked (him) why he didn't like 18. advised him to take up

19. asked where he should hang his . . and if it would look

20. asked what I should/was to do if the car wouldn't start

21. asked if I had enough ... and offered to lend me some

22. asked if he would be able to guide me or if I should bring

23. reminded him to shut 24. asked (her) if she would like to see 25. asked me to peel 26. said that he'd got two tickets and invited me to come/go with him 27. asked if I could use ... I said (that) I couldn't 28. asked if I'd mind living by myself 29. asked me to pay /asked if I'd mind paying 30. asked why she didn't trust him. She said (that) she never trusted

41. (See note above key to Exercise 36) 1. told me to re member to get ... when I was or reminded me to get, etc. or said that when I was at ... I was to get 2. told/advised me to sit down and put my head between my knees if I felt or said that if I felt faint I was to put/should put 3. asked what he was to do/should do with my purse if he found it. I told/asked him to keep it till! he saw me 4. told me/asked me to give him a drink if he arrived before she got back or said that if he arrived before she got back I was to give 5. told me if anyone rang up to say or said that if anyone rang up I was to say she'd be 6. told me when I was driving always to look in my mirror or said that when I was driving I should always look 7. told me to leave the key under the mat if I went out or said that if 1 went out I was to leave 8. told me to shut the window if I thought the room was cold or said that if I thought the room was cold I was to shut/should shut 9. told me to ring him up if I felt lonely any time or said that if I felt lonely I was to ring 10. said that if she didn't eat meat I was to offer her an omelette (the tell construction would be very clumsy here) 11. told me to get the car off the road if I had a puncture and not to leave or said that if I had a puncture I was to get/should get ... and not leave 12. told me to take the letter to the police if he wasn't back by that time the next day or said that if he wasn't back by ... I was to take 13. told her husband not to forget/reminded him to thank Mrs Pitt when he saw her 14. told me to take the meat out of the oven when the bell rang or said that when the bell rang I was to take/should take 15. told them

to give their ... if they were taken ... but to refuse to answer or said that if they were taken ... they were to give ... but (to) refuse 16. told them to shut ... and go ... when they heard or said that when they heard ... they were to shut and go 17. told me to press ... if the lift should stop/stopped or said that if the lift should stop/stopped ... I was to press/should press 18. told me to ask a client if he had a weak heart before I allowed him or said that before I allowed anyone ... I was to ask/should ask 19. asked what she should/was to say if the police stopped her 20. asked what she should do if he refused to let her in. I told her to write

21. asked/wondered what would happen if the strike continued

22. ... how they would get food if it went' on 23. ... asked if they could go ... the rain stopped 24. said that when they'd ... they were to 25. advised her to switch ... if she didn't like 26. asked whether/if the bank would repay ... if I lost 27. told me I had/'d better complain ... if the noise got 28. said I was to ring him and give him ... as soon as I found

42. Part 1. (Alternative constructions are often possible.) 1-14. Ann suggested having a party on the following Saturday. Mary agreed and asked who they should invite. Ann was against making a list and suggested they should just invite everybody. Mary said they didn't want to do much cooking and proposed making it a wine and cheese party. Ann then suggested that they should ask everyone to bring a bottle. Mary reminded her that they hadn't many glasses left and suggested hiring glasses from their local wine shop. Ann suggested having the party in the garden if it was warm and then Mary put forward the idea of a barbecue. Ann thought this way a good idea and said they could ask Paul to do the cooking. Mary remembered that last time they had had a barbecue the neighbours had complained about the noise, and she wondered if they should ask everyone to speak in whispers. Ann suggested going round to the neighbours instead and apologizing in advance. Mary, however, proposed inviting the neighbours, adding that then the noise wouldn't matter. Ann thought that was a clever idea and suggested ringing everyone up that night, but Mary prudently suggested working out how much it would cost first

Part 2. 15. Mrs Smith suggested ... but her husband suggested renting ..., adding that it was all they could afford 16. I suggested that Ann should complain, saying that the boss was

more likely to listen to her 17. She reminded him that he used to be ... and suggested that he should 18. He proposed walking ... as it was not far and I agreed 19. Ann suggested (our) joining a weaving class, adding that there was one 20. The children suggested organizing ... the teacher proposed 21. I asked Bill where we should meet and he suggested the hotel 22. I suggested to Ann that she should ring him and ask him what he thought 23. I pointed out I was doing ... and suggested that he should give me/him giving me 24. He proposed leaving/that they should leave adding that he hated 25. Their father suggested that the children should go 26. I suggested his/him asking them what they would like to do 27. He suggested that we should begin training ... I said I had ... and suggested that he should ask Paul 28. They suggested me/my putting an advertisement in the local paper

43. (The following are possible answers only.} 1. warned us not to walk on the ice as it wasn't 2. introduced Miss White to Miss Brown 3. gave/handed her the keys, advising/and advised her to wait 4. begged me not to tell ... I promised not to/promised (that) I wouldn't 5. offered him my torch but he refused as/explaining that he had one of his own 6. Tom offered to pay. Ann protested but he insisted 7. invited us to come in and look round, assuring us that there was no 8. threatened to kill the boy if they didn't pay 9. refused to answer any questions 10. complained that he expected ... agreed (with her) 11. wished it would 12. pointed out that I had pressed ... He warned me not to do ... I might have 13. exclaimed that her weight had gone up ... she admitted /agreed that it had 14. hoped I'd have a good journey/wished me a good journey and reminded me to send a card when I arrived 15. exclaimed with delight that he had passed ... I congratulated him and wished him luck 16. She agreed to wait 17. wished him many happy returns of his ... and he thanked us 18. pointed out/remarked that my door was ... I agreed (with her)/I admitted it 19. He offered me a cigarette and I accepted 20. Their mother threatened to sell ... if they kept ... The children begged her not to do that, promising not to quarrel/assuring her that they wouldn't quarrel 21. offered me £500 to keep my 22. He promised to wait for me 23. I apologized for being late and explained that the bus had broken 24. accused him of leaking ... He denied it. Tom called him a liar 25. threatened to drop us from

the team if we did not train 26. complained that if the boys did ... he called them his sons, but that if they did ... he called them hers 27. Tom suggested having arest and Ann agreed 28. He exclaimed with disgust that there was a slug in his ... and called 44. (Other alternatives are possible here.)

1. Tom: Would you like to come for a drive, tomorrow, Ann?

2. Ann: I'd love to. Where are you thinking of going, Tom?

3. Tom: Well, I'll leave it to you

4. Ann: What about Stratford?

5. I haven't been there for ages

6. Tom: Good idea!/All right. We might go on the river if it's a fine day

7. Ann: I wonder what's on at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre

8. Tom: We'll find out when we get there

9. It's usually possible to get seats on the day of the play 10. Can you be ready by ten?

11.Ann: I'm afraid not, Tom/I'm very sorry, Tom, but I can't. I have to type a report first

12. Tom: Working on Saturday! What a horrible idea!

13. I'd change my job if I were you

14. Ann: Don't be ridiculous, Tom!

15. I volunteered to type the report in return for a free afternoon next week

16. I didn't know you were going to ask me out, after all

17. Tom: Oh well, I suppose it's all right

18. But don't make a habit of volunteering for weekend work, will you?

19. Ann: No, I promise I won't

20. Tom: (gloomily) I suppose you'll be busy all morning

21. Ann: No, no! I'll finished by 11.00

22. Shall I meet you at the bus stop at Hyde Park Corner?

23. Tom: That isn't a very good meeting place. I'll call for you

24. Ann: That's very good of you, Tom. I'll be waiting in the hall

25. Tom: Let's climb to the top. The view from there is marvellous

26. Ann: But we've been climbing for three hours already. I'm too tired to go any further

27. Why don't you go on up? I'll go down and wait there

28. Tom: All right. Here are the car keys. You'd better wait in the car./You could wait in the car, couldn't you?

29. I'll be as quick as I can

30. Ann: There'll be no lunch left if you're too long. I'll have eaten it all!

45. (In the exercises on reported speech we often use nouns as subjects: e. g. the policeman, the children, Paul etc. In the answers, to save space, we have often used pronouns.} 1. he said he was going out but he'd be in 2. she said she was working ... and didn't much care 3. Peter said he couldn't live on his basic salary and he'd have to 4. Mary said her young brother wanted to be ... she couldn't think why because none of her family had ever been 5. they said they were waiting ... and it was late 6. he said he had made ... I said he was always making ... and should be used to it 7. he said they made ... and sent ... to their wives 8. he said it was lonely being away from their ... but they earned ... in that/the factory as they would in their own 9. he said they had been there ... and were going to stay 10. he said he'd got ... I said that would be ... he replied he knew it would be hard but he didn't mind ... and it would be 11. he said the ice would soon be ... she said she would look for her skates when she got 12. she said she was living with her parents at the moment but she hoped to have a flat of her own soon 13. she said she was leaving the following day ... we said we'd come and see her off 14. he said he'd just bought ... but it wasn't insured yet so he couldn't take me 15. she said she would like to speak ... but she was bathing ... and they would drown if she left ... she went 16. Ann says she is coming ... next week. She hopes we will meet her 17. She said nothing ever happened ... it was like ... people had drifted 18. he said he had missed his train; he'd be late ... and his boss would be 19. they said they would wait for me if I was late/for us if we were late 20. I said they were supposed ... but if the fog got ... the plane might be 21. she said if I lent her ... she'd bring ... in two days' time 22. he grumbled he hated getting up on dark mornings; his wife agreed it was horrible but said the mornings would be lighter soon and then it wouldn't be 23. she said the sales were starting the following day and as soon as they finished work the whole ... pool was going ... I (said I) hoped they would all get what they wanted 24. he (said he) wished he had something ... said he had only just had lunch and she didn't know how

he could be 25. my aunt said if I was short ... she could lend me ... and I could take my time 26. he said he usually took his dog ... when he came 27. I said I had ... for her brother. Ann said he wasn't at home; he had left two days before 28. I said I had bought the bag ... he said I shouldn't have bought ... it didn't go with my coat 29. she said she must hurry as her father was always ... if any of them were 30. he said if I wanted to smoke I would have to 31. he said he was building himself ... he wouldn't show it to me just yet but when the roof was on I could come 32. he said the lake would probably freeze that night; it was much colder than the previous night. Mary said she would go ... and if it was frozen she would make ... ducks could 33. He said ... the strikers went back the following day it would be ... things returned 34. She said someone was trying to murder her. She kept getting 35. she said she was taking her children ... the following day 36. she said all she could hear was ... she wondered if it was

46. (See the notes to Exercise 45) 1. he said there had been ... road was blocked ... it wouldn't be clear ... he advised us to go/he said we'd better go 2. they suggested lighting ... cooking their sausages 3. he said he was thinking ... aunt advised him not to go ...as it was a bad 4. he warned us to take ... as we might have to 5. he said he had left some books on my table. He thought I'd find them useful and said I could keep them as long as I needed them but that he'd like ... when I had finished with them. I thanked him and said I'd take/promised to take 6. he said that if the children could ... were ... should be able ... he was teaching 7. he said the puppy could sleep on their bed ... she said she'd rather he slept ... would soon be ... there wouldn't be ... all three of them 8. she said she'd try by herself ... and if she found that she couldn't ... she'd ask Tom to help her 9. Mary suggested camping by the stream as, or pointing out that if they went on, it might be dark before they found 10. they wished they'd brought their ... as then they could have offered ... and perhaps they (the restaurant) would have given them 11. Jones said he'd booked ... The receptionist said she (was afraid that they) hadn't got his letter ... all rooms had been taken ... but they could give him ... Jones said that wouldn't do him 12. he said he'd had gypsies on his land and they'd given ... Council had asked him ... He didn't see why ... and was writing to his MP 13. he grumbled that the letter was ... She admitted she had done it ... and said she supposed she'd better 14. he said if they'd like to go on any of the tours the hotel would arrange it. They said they'd like 15. he said they'd try to find my passport but it would be ... slept ... might have robbed me 16. she suggested going ... and said they might make their ... She'd been given ... He said he had had ... from her ... they had been 17. he said he didn't know why she wasted ... the neighbours all polished ... she didn't want their Mini ... . If he were any good ... he'd help her 18. he apologized for not having a tie on. He said he didn't know it was going 19. he said he would have enjoyed ... if the man next to him hadn't snored 20. I said I was thinking ... he advised me to take someone with me. It was safer as one could ... slept 21. Paul says that the plans have been changed; we're going tomorrow now not the next day. He wants us to meet him at Victoria tonight 22. He said that if he wanted ... he had to ... it wasn't hot. I said that was ridiculous and that it was high time he left 23. he said he knew the umbrella belonged to me but he thought it would be all right if he borrowed it because I wasn't going out the following day and he was 24. he suggested putting my ... and making It would be ...what they were planning. I said/objected that my recorder made ... and they'd be sure ... and then they'd find ... and ask 25. she said whenever her father was unhappy he would go out and buy ... their rooms were full ... they couldn't use. Tom said that he was sorry for her father; he must have been 26. he said I could leave my ... in his garage if I liked ... he would keep ... while I was away 27. he told Ann that if she wanted a job she should read ... it was no use ... outside her door 28. he said it used to be ... but that now it was impossible. When summer came I'd have to 29. he said I must leave a note for my ... otherwise she'd be ... when I wasn't in at my 30. she said ... had just arrived ... and he was ... She wondered if she should ring ... wait till he came

47. (See the notes to Exercise 45) 1. she asked who had been using her 2. he asked if I wanted 3. he asked if I minded 4. they asked if I would like to come with them/they invited me to come with them 5. she asked who I had given 6. he asked how long it took 7. he asked how much I thought it would cost 8. she asked him what he had missed most when he was/had been 9. he asked if the seat was taken 10. He asked how I got on with my 11. they asked him how he had got 12. he asked what I was/had been doing with the skeleton ... and if I was/had been

trying 13. she asked me if I had slept 14. they asked him if he had been there 15. she asked if I could tell her why Paul (had) left 16. he asked how many ... knew 17. she asked if there were ... for her 18. he asked how long I had been 19. he asked why I wasn't 20. the customer asked if they were 21. I asked where they were going for their 22. she asked if it would be ... if she came ... that night 23. he asked if I had ever seen 24. she asked him where she could park her 25. she asked if I would like ... I asked which way she was going 26. she asked who I wanted 27. he asked if anyone wanted 28. I asked what he was going to do with his 29. I asked if she grew her own 30. he asked what train I was going 31. she asked him if he could change ... and said she was afraid she hadn't got/and apologized for not having

32. she asked how many ... he had taken. He said he had no idea

33. they asked if they could see the manager/they asked to see the manager. The secretary asked if they had 34. he asked if I thought I could live ... on my own ... or if I would get 35. he asked if any of us had actually seen 36. she asked if she could see/she asked to see/she asked for Commander Smith. I said I was afraid he was in orbit and asked if she would like

48. 1. he suggested having ... Ann agreed and suggested going ... Jack was always 2. she said Jack's parents had asked her ... the following night and asked what she should wear. Her mother advised her to wear ... as it was 3. he said he was broke. Peter offered to lend him 4. the clerk said it would take ... to look up her file. Ann asked if it was worth waiting or if she should 5. he asked if he would have to do ... if he failed ... The teacher said that he would 6. I asked where he would be the next day in case I had to ring him. He said that he would be in his ... at his flat. He wouldn't be going 7. Mary asked what she should do with the cracked cup and her mother advised her to throw 8. she wondered if she would ever see 9. he asked me to get out ... and he had to change ... I offered to help 10. he said he'd run ... and asked me to give him/asked for a lift 11. he suggested going ... She said she liked ... but that her only ... shoes were being ... She suggested going 12. he said I had a lot ... and offered to carry some of them for me 13. he wondered if they would be 14. he asked what he should do with all the money. Mary advised him to take ... and get/Mary suggested taking ... and getting 15. Peter offered Jack a cigarette. Jack thanked him and said he didn't

smoke .16. They asked if she'd like to go/invited her to go with them, saying that there was ... Ann said she'd love to/Ann accepted 17. she asked Mr Jones if he could do without her that day as she had ... and thought it might ... if she stayed. Mr Jones advised her to stay ... and to take the next day off too if she wasn't better 18. Mary told Paul that she'd just come back to her flat ... in her chair. He was still there ... and she asked/wanted to know what she should do. Paul advised her to wake him and ask him who he was, adding that there was 19. he said he wasn't quite ... and asked Jack to wait/if he could wait ... Jack said he couldn't wait long because the train went 20. I asked her to take off her hat/if she would mind taking ... She pointed out that the theatre was ... and suggested my/me moving 21. he said he often saw ... and asked if I thought he should 22. I asked what changes he would make if the house was his. He said he'd pull ... The site was all right 23. he asked for my name 24. he offered to send it round to his hotel/asked if he should send ... The tourist said he wasn't staying ... and he'd take it with him 25. I asked (him) how long they would go on looking ... He said they'd stop when it got ... and start ... the following day 26. I said we couldn't discuss it over the phone ... and suggested meeting in my flat the following day. He said he'd rather I came to his ... and asked if I could get there 27. he asked for 40p to buy an ice cream /as he wanted to buy an ice-cream 28. he asked (us) if we would like ... of his flat, or if we would rather 29. she asked me to help her with her luggage, and said that if I took ... she'd take ... I said it was ridiculous ... and asked if she couldn't manage ... but she said she couldn't 30. Ann said she couldn't come ... (so) Peter suggested Tuesday ... Ann agreed (to this)

49. (The verb of command given below is not necessarily the only possible one. See also note to Exercise 45) 1. she told him not to put ... in his 2. she begged him not to do 3. he urged me to apply ... as it would just suit me 4. he advised me to say nothing 5. she asked them to wait in the lounge till their flight number was called 6. I advised her not to lend ... as he never paid 7. she asked him to ring 8. he asked me to move my case/asked if I'd mind moving my case as it was blocking 9. she reminded him to book 10. he told/warned me to get 11. he warned me to avoid Marble Arch as there was going 12. he told me to hold the ladder as it was ... I suggested tying/advised him to tie it ... as it

was much safer 13. he told them to read ... and not to write 14. he warned me not to leave my money 15. he advised me to open 16. he invited her to lunch that day. She said she was afraid she couldn't as she couldn't leave/She refused, explaining that she couldn't leave 17. he warned me not to take more than two of them 18. I asked to speak to Albert/asked if I could speak ... She said he was ... I asked her to wake him as I had 19. he advised me to buy 20. they said I was being exploited and that I ought to leave my job/and advised me to leave 21. she told them to fasten their ... as there might be 22. he warned me not to drive ... or oncoming drivers might take me 23. he asked to see my licence 24. I advised him to sweep up 25. she said the bathroom was empty and asked me to put ... when I had 26. he reminded me to insure my 27. she begged him not to ... and reminded him that they had to 28. I urged Tom to go ... before his toothache got 29. he advised me to cut my hair, saying that I would find ... if I looked 30. he asked for some more

50. (See the note to Exercise 45) 1. the clerk asked me to fill up the form 2. he asked me to read 3. she asked for a new cheque book. He asked her to show him her 4. Tom says that we are to be ready/should be ready 5. he begged me not to tell his mother 6. he ordered/warned us not to fire 7. he advised me to take 8. she asked me to help her 9. he warned me not to drive 10. he warned/told/advised me not to smoke 11. she said that when I'd chosen a book I was to bring it to her and she would 12. he told me to show 13. a notice warned/ordered us to reduce speed at once 14. he asked to see my ticket 15. he warned me to keep an eye on my luggage as the place was 16. he said that when I'd read it I was to pass it on or he told me to pass it on ... when I'd read it 17. he suggested lighting ... and cooking 18. he told me to press the button whenever I saw ...she said that whenever I saw ... I was to press 19. he told her to sit down and tell him what was worrying her 20. he told me to walk ... and just to nod if I recognized my attacker but not to say/and said that if I recognized my attacker I was just to nod but not to say 21. he said that even if I felt hungry I wasn't to eat/shouldn't eat .../he advised me not to eat ... even if I felt 22. he asked Ann to ring and order a taxi for him. She suggested (his) going/advised him to go by tube as it was 23. she suggested buying some yeast and making their own bread as the bread they were getting was

24. he advised them to boil the water (first) if they had to use it, and warned them not to drink it unboiled 25. he suggested not telling anyone/that they shouldn't tell anyone till they were ... report was 26. Tom says he's got the tickets and (that) we're to meet him 27. he urged the strikers to show that they were ... 28. A notice advised customer to count their ... as mistakes could not 29. he warned me not to clap yet, as she hadn't finished. He added (that) singers loathed people who clapped 30. he reminded me to put my name

51. 1. Paul wants me to get him 2. Mr White would like you to meet him 3. Ann offered to get ... Mr Jones said he'd rather she got ... Ann said there weren't any and (that) the shops were 4. he told me not to worry ... as he made ... I asked if he learnt from his ... or if he kept 5. I said I was looking for ... who drank in that bar. The barman advised me to keep away from Albert as he didn't like strangers 6. He asked to have a look at my paper/asked if he could have ... I said I hadn't ... and asked him to wait ... He said he couldn't wait long as he was getting 7. she said we had woken or woke ... the previous night and that we must try ... that night. I promised we would 8. he complained that the soup was cold ... and asked why he never had ... She explained it was because the kitchen was ... If he insisted on ... he must/would have to put up ... He suggested getting ... She said (that) she wouldn't 9. he said my licence was ... I admitted that it was but said I had applied ... He warned me next time to apply ... before my current one had expired 10. I said I'd have the money for him the following ... and asked if I should post it to him. Tom asked me to keep it in my safe till he could come ... a lot of his mail had been going astray lately and he would hate to lose one of my 11. he asked to borrow my map/asked if he could borrow my map. I said he was always borrowing it and advised him to get/suggested his getting/asked why he didn't get one of his own 12. he said that when he heard ... we were to shut ... and go or he told us to shut the windows and go downstairs when we heard ... I asked what we were to do/should do if the stairs were blazing 13. she asked if I could hear the noise and what I thought it was. I (said I) thought it was ... but she (said she) thought it was ... and advised me to go/said I'd better go 14. they told Ann it was her turn ... that night. She protested that it couldn't be as she (had) baby-sat the previous night and the night before that,

and she was only supposed ... They begged her to do it just that once and promised not to ask her to do any the following week 15. he said it was the best ... problem was that they expected The tourists asked why he had brought them there. He told them not to get excited as he kept ties ... in their predicament, and he asked what colour they would like, adding that the ties were 16 1 suggested starting/offered to start/asked if I should start the next day. Tom said he'd rather I started that day 17. I advised her to go and see the film as it might help her ... Ann pointed out that the film was 18. he said he saw/had seen ... and one of them (had) sat up and waved to him. I asked which of them (had) waved. He said he didn't know; he wasn't/hadn't been near enough 19. I asked what (had) caused ... He said she must ... but he couldn't understand ... the wreck was 20. she said her car wouldn't start. The battery was flat. She asked them to give her a push just to start her ... Bill advised her to sell the car. Peter said nobody would buy it and suggested putting 21. he said he'd been given ... that he'd have to ... I suggested (his) throwing ... and saving himself ... or I advised him to throw ... and save himself 22. he told me to press ... I said that last time he (had) told me to press ... He said that that had been 23. Tom told me not to brake if I found myself skidding as that only made ... He advised me to try ... I said I knew what I should do but that when I started ... I got ... that I did. Tom told me to stop and let him ... as we were just coming ... and he didn't want 24. he said he'd run out ... and asked if I'd got any. I said I hadn't but offered to go out and get some/but said I'd go out ... if he liked. He told me not to bother as he'd missed 25. he said that repairs to cars rented from them must be arranged through their office. So if anything went wrong with car I'd hired I was to ring ... on my card. The office was open ... I asked what I should do if something went 26. asked why he hadn't ... He said that they had signalled but that she had come or came on in and had run or ran aground. I asked what was going ... He said they were going ... but that if they didn't get ... that night ... she would be there till she broke up, and there'd be 27. I asked why he was spending ... on the accounts. He said he couldn't ... he seemed to be ... and that meant he'd have to ... of his own money ... I asked if he'd like me to go through them and see if I could ... He said he wouldn't, but he'd like me to lend him 28. I asked (Jack) why he was looking so ... He said he'd just asked Ann to marry him and she'd refused. I said I thought she preferred ... and advised him to cut his hair and shave off his beard 29. she asked how he (had) got up the tree. He said he (had) used ... but that someone went/had gone off ... he was sawing. He told her to go ... and not just stand 30. he asked if I was ill and I said that I wasn't. He asked if I'd slept well the previous night and I said that I had. Then he asked/wanted to know why I was sitting ... were working, and told me to go out ... and give 31. he asked/told passengers ... to go ... Peter advised Mary to go ... but said that he'd have to ... He said he'd take ... than she would and asked her to wait for him 32. Tom says that we aren't to worry about him. He wasn't badly ... and is being ... He says he's coming back next Wednesday ... and wants us to meet the plane 33. he asked what he was to do with his ... She advised him to stuff ... but warned him not to put ... or they'd go hard 34. he suggested driving on ... and trying ... I asked what we would do if that was ... He said we'd just ... as it would be 35. she said they had ... but that he was ... wouldn't hear me ... I asked what I was to do/should do if he woke up. Ann told me to give him some of the biscuits if he started growling. I asked how she knew he liked those ... She assured me that all dogs liked them. It said so 36. he warned me that if I even touched ... alarm bells would ring ... and I would be ... I asked if he was ... He told me to try it and see

52, 1. suggested going ... and I agreed 2. urged his colleagues to show the nation that they were worthy of their 3. bagged his mother to let him stay ... that night 4. suggested eating ... Tom objected that it was/would be ... and suggested going to her flat ... and having 5. suggested leaving/that they should leave the wrecked car there ... and said it might remind 6. She said the neighbours would object and Tom said he didn't care 7. suggested going ... Mary agreed reluctantly 8. said that Tom had made the mess and that he was to clear 9. said that the next day was ... and suggested buying their mother 10. suggested taking ... and camping out. Mary suggested going ... and being 11. suggested giving a party but her husband was against the idea/opposed the idea 12. advised them not to jump ... and suggested waiting until they heard ... of the rumour or suggested that they shouldn't jump ... but wait 13. warned him that ... would say it was ... he said they could say they liked/he ex pressed complete indifference 14. urged/exhorted the nations to forget ... and to work 15. begged him to let her explain and asked him not to be 16. told the gardener to let the children play if they wanted to adding that she was sure they wouldn't do 17. suggested staying there/that we should stay there till the storm had passed 18. grumbled that it was ... and said that they should do

53. 1. said that if what she said was true he would have to go/must go 2. said that he had to/would have to/must be ... the following day 3. asked if he had to make 4. told us that we mustn't come 5. told my nephew that his ticket would cost ... he said ... he would have to go ... the next day 6. The park notice said that dogs must be kept 7. said that Tom must/would have to work 8. said that I needn't come in the following day and told me to take 9. said he had to/must go ... the following day as he had 10. The notice said that passengers must not lean 11. said that there must be ... because there was smoke 12. told him that when he was ... he would have to tie his 13. said that port wine must never be shaken 14. said he hadn't had ... and that he must be 15. said that the passport photo wasn't like her and that she must have/would have to have 16. told the children that they must not 17. said that I needn't/wouldn't have to/didn't have to get up till nine the next day 18. The railway regulations said passengers must be 19. asked (Tom) how he had got his dog ... He/Tom said that he had carried him. I said that he must be 20. said that I mustn't/wasn't to tell anyone what she had just told me 21. asked (his mother) if he had to/need eat it all and she said that he must/had to 22. said that she had had to drive his pigs out of her garden 23. The notice said that sticks ... must be left 24. asked her if she had to do it all that night or if she couldn't leave some for the following day 25. told me that when I went through Bayeux I must see 26. said that I must walk faster, I was far too slow 27. told me that I mustn't forget ... or my friend would have to pay 28. said that he needn't tell me how grateful he was

54. 1. "Would he like to go to the concert?" she asked, "I'm sure he would," I said 2. "Look where you are going," she said to me; "the road is full of holes and very badly lit." 3. "While we were bathing," they said, "we saw someone examining our clothes." 4. "Have you looked everywhere?" I asked. "Yes," she

said 5. "Let's give her/what about giving her a bottle of wine?" he said 6. "The new carpet has arrived. Where am I to put/shall I put it?" he asked 7. "An enormous load of firewood was dumped at my front gate two days ago. Since then I haven't been able to get my car out," he said 8. "Have some more wine?" they said. "Yes, please," I replied 9. "If you find the front door locked, go round the back," he said to me 10. "Who are you?" she asked the burglars, "And who let you in?" "Sit down and keep quiet," they replied, "unless you want to get hurt." 11. "What was the weather like during your holiday?" he asked. "It was awful," I answered 12. "Let's go down to the harbour and see/What about going down ... and seeing if we can hire a boat?" he suggested 13. "If you don't like escalators, you can go up the emergency staircase," he told me. "Thank you, I'll do that," I said 14. "What about Tom and you going ahead and getting the tickets?" or "Suppose you and Tom go ahead and get the tickets?" he said to me 15. "I think your electric iron is unsafe. I advise you to have it seen to" or "I should have it seen to" or "Why don't you have it seen to?" he said to me 16. "If war breaks/broke out, I shall/should have to leave the country at once," he said 17. "Did you enjoy house hunting?" I asked him. "No," he said 18. "I am surprised to see that the grandfather clock has stopped. Has anyone been fiddling with it?" she asked 19. "I tried to ring up my mother several times yesterday, but I didn't succeed in getting through," she said 20. "Would you like to borrow this book?" I asked her. "I have read it already, thank you, and didn't like it very much." 21. "Are you going to the dance? Let's make up a party and go together" or "What about making up a party and going together?" he said 22. "Stop making a fuss about nothing! You are lucky to have got a seat at all," I told her 23. "Do you want a single or a return ticket?" asked the clerk in the booking office. "Is a return any cheaper?" I asked. "It makes no difference," he said 24. "I hope you won't be offended," my employer said, "if I tell you that in my opinion you would do better in some other kind of job." 25. "If your wheels had gone a couple of inches nearer the edge, madam," said the AA man, "the car would have plunged into the ravine." 26. "You mustn't mind if the first one isn't any good," he said to me 27. "Do you think I am a liar?" he asked the crowd. "Yes!" they shouted 28. Stopping a man in the street, I asked "Would/could you help me with my

car?" "Would/will it take long?" asked the man. "I'm on my way to catch a train."

55. 1. He boasted that he could speak ... 2. He suggested that they (should) go ... that evening 3. The teacher shouted at the students to stop the noise ... 4. The man claimed that the car I was driving was his property 5. The boy admitted that he had broken ... 6. The man protested that they couldn't take ... he knew his rights 7. His fiancee whispered that she would ... 8. The treasurer objected that they didn't ... 9. The student muttered that the teacher didn't know ... was talking about 10. She exclaimed what a surprise it was ... him there that day 11. He agreed that if the weather was bad they couldn't go 12. She insisted that we come (or came) the next day if we couldn't that same day

56. 1. I was asked who I'd come to the party with 2. Someone wanted to know if I'd come ... 3. I was asked why I wasn't drinking 4. I was asked if I'd like ... 5. Someone asked me where I lived (or live) 6. I was asked if I knew ... 7. Someone wanted to know when I'd arrived 8. I was asked what I did ... 9. I was asked if I'd seen a marvellous ... the previous night 10. I was asked if I'd been watching ... 11. I was asked how I liked my coffee ... 12. Someone wanted to know what time it was 13. I was asked what my phone number was (or I was asked for my phone number) 14. Someone asked if he could ring me the next day 15. Someone wanted to know how I would get ...

57. 1. He complained that no one ... took his ... 2. He made a sneering comment about my car 3. He stammered that he hadn't meant ... 4. He told me snappishly that I might try ... my own ... 5. He announced that the meeting would ... 6. He explained that you had to push this button ... would work 7. He retorted that if I didn't' like his ..., I could get on ... myself 8. He declared that he'd never seen ... 9. He promised that I should have ... 10. He said with a groan that it was ... he'd heard that joke 11. He conceded that I'd been right 12. He gasped out that he'd just seen ...

58. 1. He said it was up to me to decide but warned me not to come and ask him for help if I got into difficulties 2. I reminded him to take his passport with him 3. The mother snapped at her daughter telling her to stop ... 4. I was surprised at the idea that he should think his friend was serious 5. The teacher told the boy sharply to do as he was told and (to) stop arguing 6. He exclaimed that he had been a fool not to accept the job but then added resignedly that it couldn't be helped now 7. The wedding guests proposed a toast to the bride ... 8. The girl begged her father not to say anything to her boyfriend for her sake 9. He asked if he should post the letter for me 10. The master said angrily that he had had just about enough of the boy's insolence. One more word from the boy, he threatened and he would be sent to ... 11. She asked her husband indignantly if he really had lost ... 12. He suggested sarcastically that I should try ... myself if I was ... 13. With cool assurance, he said he could have won ... if he had ... 14. He shouted angrily at me to ... and asked irritably if I couldn't see he was busy 15. The thief, threatening the cashier, ordered him to give him the key of the safe

59. They were stock-taking in her ... it was terrible. She'd been working ... and she couldn't do ... It wouldn't have seemed so bad if it'd been raining she hated (or hates) having ... when it was (or is) fine ... It had been just the same the day before. She'd started ... she was (or had been) dropping ... she'd asked ... she could leave ... as she'd worked ... the day before, but he'd said (or he said) she had to ... she said she'd be thankful when it was

all over

80. "I like quilts because it's easy to make the bed." "They are warm" "They're light." "One problem is that they sometimes tend to slip off the bed." "Sometimes they're too warm." "Sometimes they are too cold." "I don't have a quilt because I'm happy with the blankets I already have." "I like to be tucked in firmly at night. You can't do that with quilts." "Quilts are expensive."

62. Joan worked ... records. One day ... at Joan. "I want a record, dear. One I heard on the radio this morning," she began. "What as the record called?" Joan asked. The woman shook her head. "I don't remember. I should know it if I heard it, though. Perhaps you'll just play me some." She settled ... stool. "We have hundreds of records in stock," Joan pointed out. "It would take ... to play you ... each. Could you hum it to me?" The woman giggled. "I can't sing ... tune. We should get into a worse muddle if I started humming." She looked ... brightened. "I've just remembered something," she said. "It comes from a play. There's a woman who speaks ... but after a time she learns to talk

beautifully." "Would it be from My Fair Lady?" Joan asked. "That's it, dear. I wish you'd thought ... sooner, instead of questions. I suppose you're new to the job."

63. When I saw the bulge at Claud's waistline I asked him what was under there. He pulled ... belly. It was to carry the stuff, he said darkly. I indicated that I understood. When he suggested we go I said I still thought we ought to take the car. He replied that this was too risky; they'd see it parked. I pointed out that it was over three miles up to the wood. Claud agreed but asked if I realized that we could get six months in the clink if they caught us. I protested that he'd never told me that. Claud's response implied that he thought he had. I then announced that I wasn't going. It wasn't worth it. Claud replied quite simply that the walk would do me good

64. I waited. The clock ticked as Mrs Armitage stared at the fire. Finally she said that Jake didn't want any more children. When I asked her if she liked children, she felt it was impossible to answer such a question. I then asked if she thought it would be wrong not to like children. First she said she didn't know, then she said she thought it would. When I asked her why, her answer was that children didn't do any harm. I agreed that perhaps they didn't directly, but indirectly ... She interjected that perhaps I didn't have any children. I said I had three, two boys and a girl. She wanted to know their ages, and I told her: 16, 14, 10. She asked if I liked them and I said I did, most of the time. Her response was that her answer was the same she liked hers most of the time

65. 1. "What do you think? Should I take the job?" I asked. "It's entirely up to you," he replied 2. "Are you sure you had nothing to do with the disappearance of a bicycle from the school cycle sheds two days ago?" the master asked. "Quite sure," answered the boy. "I had nothing to do with it." 3. "Could I possibly have the day off tomorrow?" Peter asked his employer. "Most certainly not," answered his employer 4. "Would you lend me five pounds?" he asked. "Well, yes, provided you pay me back next week," I said 5. "Hello! Jean? Look, I'm terribly sorry to ring up at the last minute like this, but I can't come to dinner with you this evening. Will it put you out terribly?" Michael asked. "Yes, it will," Jean replied angrily. "You might have let me know earlier, and I wouldn't have needed to make such elaborate preparations."

6. "I'm going to leave England early next year to take up a job abroad," Margaret said. "Good heavens! Are you really serious?" I asked 7. "Would you please open your suitcase, Madam?" the Customs Officer said. "Well, really! Is that necessary?" said the woman. "Yes, Madam, I'm afraid it is. Would you please open it?" 8. "Why didn't you look where you're going," said the bus driver to the motorist. "What do you mean?" said the motorist. "If you hadn't been driving so fast, I'd have had a chance of stopping in time."

66. 1. An hour ago he said he would come here to-night

2. She reminded me that there would be a meeting that night

3. She said Jane could play the piano very well 4. She said sadly she was to leave 5. She said in despair she would never be happy again 6. She exclaimed indignantly that he was telling a lie 7. He said the books were being sold in all the shops 8. I was sure he would be sent to the conference 9. She said she wanted to sail down the Volga on holiday 10. He said he had lost his watch

11. He said they would discuss this problem the following week.

12. She said they had been playing football since morning 13. I said I hadn't played cricket for a long time 14. My brother said he was very tired as he had been playing cricket for 3 hours 15. She said the game would not be held if the weather was bad

67. 1. He asked me whether (if) I smoked 2. I asked Mary if she could go shopping 3. I asked him if he took a walk every evening 4. Jack asked me if I could swim 5. I asked my teacher if I could talk to him 6. John asked me if I was going to the coffee shop 7. Mr Smith asked if I had mailed the letter for him 8. I asked my father if the neighbour had returned the book 9. He asked me if I would go to Boston the following week 10. Linda asked me who was in charge of the office 11. He asked the salesman how much the typewriter cost 12. Bob asked me where Jane lived 13. Ann asked me where I was going 14. I asked my teacher what that word meant 15. Mary asked me why I smoked so much 16. Jimmy asked her who had called her an hour before 17. Bob asked Linda why she hadn't told him anything about the magnificent concert at Carnegie Hall 18. Tom asked me when Mr Johnson would come back 19. Eve asked me where I would spend my vacation

68. 1. Tom said that the elevator was out of service 2. Ann said that she lived in Boston 3. She said (that) they often went to

the moves 4 Linda said (that) they were going to the moves 5. John said (that) the Smiths had moved to Los Angeles 6 Mary said (that) Tom had called her the previous night 7. Joe told me that he would be back in an hour 8. Ann told John that she couldnt go to the movie with him 9. He said (that) he had to finish his composition by two o'clock 10. Eve said (that) she had left home before the telegram came



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