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Advertising is a kind of message transmission that is designed to promote a product, promote a service, or promote an idea. Advertising influences us in every way from the products that we buy to the way that we think about issue.

Advertising reaches us in many ways. It comes in so many forms, in printed form – in newspapers and magazines; and audiovisual – over the radio, on television. Advertisements bombard us with their messages in all of these media. No one can fully escape their effect.

What are the functions of advertisements? The first one is to inform. Many of the information people have about household devices, cars, building materials, electronic equipment, cosmetics, detergents and food is largely derived from the advertisements they read. Advertisements introduce them to new products or remind them of the existing ones.

The second function is to sell. The products are shown from the best point of view and the potential buyer, on having entered the store, chooses the advertised products. The aim of a good advertisement is to create a consumer demand to buy the advertised product or service.

The third function of advertising is to make mass media cheaper.

The public advertising seen on street hoardings, railway stations and buildings makes peoples life more joyful. Moreover, all those small ads in the press help ordinary people to find a better job or a better employee, to sell or to buy their second-hand things and find services, or learn about educational facilities, social events.

Advertising has to do two things in order to be successful. First, the advertisement must be interesting enough to attract the customer's attention.

Second advertising must be convincing: it must give clear reasons for the customer to buy the advertising product. This is achieved by using a variety of techniques. The first technique is the use of slogans. A slogan is a short phrase that an advertiser uses over and over in its ads. Slogans are usually short and easy to remember. The second technique is testimonial. Testimonials are advertisements that have people sometimes famous, sometimes no to tell us that they use and like a certain product. Most people are influenced by what others say. And the last technique is repetition that is running an ad again and again. Repetition is important for ensuring that an ad will be remembered.

Advertising is a serious business, and that certain techniques in advertising are used to convince people to buy certain products, services, and ideas.


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