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2.1Victor Writes to Julia

Flat 7,16, Kama's Street



February 2nd, 1996

Dear Julia,

As it is long time since I last heard from you, I have been wondering how you are. That is why I decided to write you a letter.

I do hope you are well and getting on nicely. As for myself, I'm o'k as always and have some news and glad to tell you about last events of my life.

Really, I was very busy because I had my first session in January. So I took five exams and the same number of term tests including English language. By the way, I passed it successfully. As to other examinations I have got excellent and good marks. It took me much time but I tried to do my best. I've understood that my study is as hard as any other job. But let's leave it behind. Of course, I'm interested in your study and spare time. How did you pass your exams? I'm sure that you didn't spend all your time with books only, as I did. And what about your Christmas holidays? I'll be waiting for your story.

As for me, I had a rest for two weeks. My winter holidays began in the twenty-second of January and ended on the fourth of February. At first I planned to go to my cousin who lives in a village not far from my place but then I changed my mind and stayed in Perm. There were nice days. The weather wasn't very cold and I tried to spend much time in the open air. I skied, played ice-hockey with my friends. Sometimes we invited our girl-friends to the skating - rink. Skating is great fun. Music, illuminations, jokes, laugh and smiles, what a pleasant time! I wished you were here that moment, but ... . Then we went to a bar or a cafe to have a cup of coffee and to have a chatter about different things. And, of course, discos. During winter holidays there were excellent discos almost every night in our students' club.

At last, I could spare my time to photo. I made many photo­graphs of New Year and Christmas parties, of my family and my friends. I send you some of them. Do you like any photos?

There were also interesting books, video, visits to my friends, merry parties, so you see that I wasn't bored during my holidays and I hope you were not too.

Hoping to hear from you soon.

Sincerely yours,

Victor O.

2.2 Read the following words. Mind reading rules and stress.

'almost, 'always, e'vent, 'busy, 'same, 'some, de'cide, in'clude, in'vite, suc'cessfully, 'excellent, try, idle, ski, laugh, 'pleasant, could, spare, bore, sin'cerely.

2.3 Give the Past - form of these verbs.

Divide the verbs into three groups according to the reading rules of -ed-([t], [d], [id])

[t] [d] [id]
shaked solved printed

decide, talk, pass, try, interest in, study, wait, ski, play, invite, smile, laugh, dance, chatter, photo, change, hope, plan, work.

2.4 Write at / on / in.

Example: ... on ... 6 June.

1. ... 8 o'clock. 2. ... Friday. 3. ... Wednesday. 4. ... Winter. 5. ... 1997. 6. ... 24 October. 7. ... 12.30 a.m. 8. ... half past two. 9. ... September. 10. ... Christmas Day.

2.5 Write to or in.

1. "Where's Jack?" ............ "In ............ bed." 2. I'm going ............ the shop to buy some milk. 3. Tom went ............ the kitchen to make some coffee. 4. "Where's Tom?" "He's ............ the kitchen making some coffee." 5. Would you like to go ............ the theatre this evening? 6. I got a postcard from Sue this morning. She's on holiday ............ Switzerland. 7. John lives ............ a small village ............ the south-west of England. 8. What time do you usually go ............ bed? 9. Kevin's sister is very ill. She's ............ hospital. 10. Excuse me, I must go ............ the toilet. 11. The train left Brussels at 7 o'clock and arrived ............ Paris at 9.30. 12. I was tired this morning. I stayed ............ bed until 10 o'clock. 13. Next year we hope to go ............ Canada to visit some friends. 14. Would you like to live ............ another country?

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