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C Travelling to Japan

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To enter Japan, visas are not required for tourists or business - visitors of many nationalities for stays of not more than 90 days. Travellers from some countries, for example Germany, Ireland, Mexico and the UK can stay up to six months without a visa, Travellers from some countries, for example Canada, France, Italy, Malaysia, Spain and the USA can stay up to three months. Visitors from Australia and South Africa cannot enter without a visa. Visas are free, but passport photos and return tickets are required.

Foreign currency or traveller's cheques can be exchanged at "Authorised Foreign Exchange Banks". It is usually safe to carry money in the from of cash.

1 True or False? Write T or F.

A. Travelling to Kashmir

1. Most travellers don't have to have a visa to enter India.

2. Travellers have to go to an Indian embassy to get a visa.

3. Tourists don't have to have any photos for their visa.

4. Travellers with Indian visas don't have to have special per- mission to visit Kashmir.

5. It's not a good idea to take any local currency.

B. Travelling to Turkey

1. Visitors from most countries have to get a visa before travelling to Turkey.

2. When you arrive in Turkey, you have to buy a visa.

3. Tourists with a visa have to leave after 30 days.

4. It's a good idea to get local currency when you arrive.

5. It isn't a good idea to travel with cash for emergencies.

Tell the others in your group about travelling to the country you read about. Have any these conditions changed, do you think?

2 You don't have to have a passport

What do people from other countries have to do before visiting your country? Complete the sentences to tell a partner what you know.


People from ................................. have to ................................. .

People from ................................. don't have to ........................ .

All visitors have to ........................... .

Are things changing? Is it getting easier to go from one country to another?

3 What is a good tourist?  

Read these sentences. With a partner rewrite the sentences you don't agree with.

A good tourist is someone who doesn't eat the local food.

A good tourist is someone who doesn't go to quiet places because it encourages tourism.

A good tourist is someone who spends a lot of money on souvenirs.

A good tourist is someone who tries to use a few words of the local language.

A good tourist is someone who collects bits of rock and flowers.

A bad tourist is someone who takes a lot photos of local people working.

A bad tourist is someone who respects the history and culture of the country they're visiting.

A bad tourist is someone who sits in the sun and doesn't go anywhere.

Which sentences are the most important? Discuss them with other learners.

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