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Answer the following questions.

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1. Where are Joe and Susan directing to? 2. What are the policeman's instructions? 3. How long does the policeman say it'll take them to get to the station? 4. What does Susan think they ought to do and why? 5. Why doesn't Joe want to do it? 6. Why does Joe think it's not a bad idea to take a taxi after all?

3.20 Speak on:

a) why Susan thought they ought to take a taxi to get to the station; b) the instructions the policeman gave them how to get to the station; c) the reasons that made Joe agree to take a taxi.

3.21 Read the dialogues below. Learn them and act them out:

1. Brian: Excuse me.

Woman: Yes?

Brian: Sorry to bother you, but could you tell me the way to Castle Road please?

Woman: I'm afraid I've no idea. I'm a stranger here myself.

Brian: Oh! Well, thank you anyway.

Woman: Sorry I couldn't help.

Brian: Excuse me.

Taxi driver: Yes?

Brian: Could you tell me how to get to Castle Road, please?

Taxi drive: Castle Road? Let me think, now... Yes... Go along this road as far as Tesco's - that's a large supermarket - then turn left and Castle Road is the first turning on the right.

Brian: I see. Straight on as far as the supermarket, turn left, then right.

Taxi driver: Yes, that's right.

Brian: It's not too far from here, is it?

Taxi driver: Oh, no, only a few minutes.

Brian: Oh, good. Well, thank you very much!

Taxi driver: Not at all.

2 . - Excuse me, can you tell me where South Street is, please?

- Take the second turn on the left and then ask again.

- Is it far?

- No, it's only about five minutes' walk.

- Many thanks.

- Not at all.

3 - Excuse me, please. Could you tell me the way to the station?

- Turn round and turn left at the traffic lights.

- Will it take me long to get there?

- No, it is no distance at all.

- Thank you.

- That's o'key.

4 - Does this bus go to the station?

- No, you'll have to get off at the bank and take a 192.

- Can you tell me where to get off?

- It's the next stop but one.

5 - Am I o'key for St. Mary's Church?

- No, we only go as far as the park, but you can walk from there.

- How much further is it?

- It's quite a way yet, but I'll tell you in good time.

6 - Excuse me, sir. I'm afraid I'm lost. Can you help me?

- Where do you want to go?

- I have to be at Fifth Avenue at 2 o'clock. I have to meet my husband there.

- Let me see. Oh, yes. It's around 5 blocks. Walk down this street as far as the light. Do you see it?

- Yes, I do. Over there?

- Yes, turn left at the light and go three blocks. You'll get Fifth Avenue there.

- O.K. Thanks a lot.

7 - Excuse me!

- Yes?

- I'm lost. Is this the way to Brighton?

- No, I'm afraid it isn't. You are going the wrong way. This is the Portsmouth Road.

- Oh, dear. Can you tell me the way to Brighton?

- Yes, turn round and go back to the round about. Take the third exit ... that's the A 272.

- The A 272.

- That's right. You'll see signposts to Brighton from there.

3.22 Look at the map of a London area (p. 48). Imagine the following situations:

a) You are standing outside the library in London Road (East).

You are supposed to meet some friends at the Swan pub, but you don't know where it is. Stop someone and ask him the way.

b) You have stopped for petrol at the garage in Cambridge Road. You have come to visit your friend who lives in Church Lane. Ask the garage attendant the way.

c) You have just arrived in the town and you are standing outside the railway station. You have come to visit your aunt who is in hospital. Ask someone how to get there.

d) You are staying with your friend in Church Lane. On the week-end you want see a film in Ritz Cinema. Ask friend how to get there.

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