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A camping holiday.

Last summer Roger and his sister Jill went on camping holiday in Wales with their parents for the first time. Their new blue tent, which had two bedrooms and a living-room, was pitched in a large field near a sandy bay. There were no other tents in the field and Roger pretended that they were explorers.

Early every morning the two children and their mother went swimming while their father made the breakfast. When they came back, hungry from their exercise, they found him frying bacon and eggs on a portable gas stove. After breakfast they all went down to the beach and played cricket and enjoyed the sunshine.

In the afternoons the children went fishing with their nets in the clear pools, while their parents sat on the sand reading. In the evening they walked to the farmhouse at the foot of the hill. They watched the cows being milked and then had supper with the farmer and his wife. The farmer told the children all about his animals and his crops and promised to let them with the harvest if they came back in the autumn. At sunset they strolled back along the deserted road to their tent, climbed into their sleeping bags and fell fast asleep. Nothing disturbed them until the singing of the birds woke them next morning.


1. What kind of holiday did Roger and Jill have last summer?

2. Where did they pitch their tent?

3. How many rooms did their tent have?

4. What did the children and their mother do while their father was preparing breakfast?

5. How did the children spend the afternoon?

6. Where did the family have their evening meal?

7. What did the farmer promise the children?

8. What awakened them in the morning?


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