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Look at the list of activities below. Then read the conversation between Richard and a friend at work. Write T (True) or F (False) beside each activity.

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Last Saturday,

Richard and


went shopping went to the cinema went to the horse races went swimming had dinner in a restaurant had dinner at home went to the theatre went to a night club  


Richard: Morning, Tom.
Tom: Oh, hello, Richard. How are you? Did you have a good weekend?
Richard: Yes, it was great - it was our tenth wedding anniversary on Saturday.
Tom: Oh, really? Congratulations. Did you celebrate?
Richard: Yes, we did. On Saturday morning we went shopping in Kowloon ...
Tom: Did you find anything nice?
Richard: Yes - Carla bought me a Walkman - and I bought her a lovely silk dress. Then in the afternoon we went swim­ming in Repulse Bay with the children, and we went out for dinner in the evening.
Tom: Where did you go?
Richard: We went to the Mongolian Restaurant in Happy Valley - it was very good. And then we went to a night club. We didn't go to bed till two in the morning - we had a lovely time.
Tom: And what did you do yesterday?
Richard: We were very tired - so we didn't do anything special. How about you, Tom? Did you have a good weekend?

2.13. Work in pairs. Ask and answer questions about what Carla and Richard did.

Example: Did they go shopping? -Yes, they did.

Did they have dinner at home? -No, they didn't.

2.14 Ask your partner and say what you did last weekend. Use the following:

Did you have a good weekend?

It was all right. I didn't do anything special.

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