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Ask other students about their weekends, and complete the chart with different names.

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Examples: - Were you tired at the weekend?

- No, I wasn't.

- Did you play football last weekend?

- Yes, I did.

- When did you play football?

- On Sunday morning.

Find a person who ... Name When?  
went shopping. went to the cinema. was busy. played football. watched television. listened to the radio. was tired. visited friends. wrote a letter. spoke English.    

Write sentences about the students in your group, using the information you have collected.

Example: Paul played football on Sunday morning.


Tom told Richard about his weekend. Say what happened.

Richard: How about you, Tom? Did you have a good weekend?

Tom: No, it was terrible!

Richard: Why? What happened?

Tom: Well, I had nothing to do on Saturday afternoon, so I decided to go to the races. I left home at about two thirty and I took a tax: to Happy Valley. I arrived at the race course at about a quarter to three, and looked at the list of horses in the next race ... .

Richard: Uh huh.

Tom: ... There was a horse called Seven Up at seven to one, so I decided to put seven hundred dollars on it.

Richard: Seven hundred dollars - that's a lot of money!

Tom: Well, yes. You see, seven is my lucky number.

Richard: Oh, I see. Go on. Did Seven Up win the race?

Tom: Well, I wanted him to ... but unfortunately he finished seventh.

Richard: Oh, no!

Tom: And I lost seven hundred dollars ... and that wasn't all!

Richard: What do you mean!

Tom: Well, of course, I had no money left and I felt terrible. So I went back home. When I arrived at my flat, the front door was open ...

Richard: Oh, no!

Tom: Oh, yes! While I was at the races, burglars broke into my flat and they took my TV, my stereo, my camera... .

Richard: Oh, Tom, that's terrible. I am sorry!

Tom: So am I.


Match the parts of the story and number them in the correct order.

A:Seven was Tom's lucky number ... .

B:He wanted Seven Up to win the race ... .

C:He arrived at the race course at about a quarter to three ...

D:... but unfortunately, the horse finished seventh!

E.... so he decided to put 700 dollars on Seven Up.

F.On Saturday afternoon, Tom took a taxi to the races.

G.... and he looked at the list of horses in the next race.

2.19 Write out the full story of Tom's visit to the races.

2.20 Read & translate the dialogues into Russian.

Enough of business.

A: - Well, my friends, enough of business. We are nearly there.

B: - My father is crazy about fishing, you know.

A:- Yes. I really enjoy it.

C: - Do you often go fishing?

A:- Well, yes. I make a point of spending a few hours by the river every weekend. It helps your nerves and is generally healthy.

C:- Do you usually catch much?

A:- Well, it depends. But it is not important - it is doing it that matters.


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