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Дополнительные тексты/диалоги. XV. Прочитайте вслух и переведите диалоги

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XV. Прочитайте вслух и переведите диалоги. Выпишите и выучите незнакомые слова.

Negotiating a Price

A: Brown speaking.

В: Hello, this is Steve Roberts.

A: Hello, Steve, how are you doing?

B: Fine, thanks. The reason I'm phoning is we need to sort out a final

price on the coffee-machines.

A: Sure, what did we quote you?

B: You gave us a unit price of $20.

A: That's right. B: We intend to purchase about 150—200 units a month. So we were wondering what sort of discount you can offer us.
A: Let me see…Well, at an order quantity of 200, we would be willing

to offer you a 10 per cent discount.

B: So that'll bring down the unit price to $18.

A: That's right.... a very favorable price.

B: Uhum ... it doesn't sound very generous.

A: Well, there's another point to mention, which is payment terms.

Would you be interested in a discount for early payment?

B: What sort of figure do you have in mind?

A: We're prepared to offer 2 per cent for payment within fifteen days.

Our normal terms are thirty days.

B: Interesting, I'll have to get back to you on that. Perhaps you could

let me have all the prices in writing. B: I'll certainly do that and get a letter in the post this afternoon.

A: Thanks in advance.

Order Processing

A: Could I speak to someone in the sales department?

B: Mary Jones speaking. Can I help you?

A: This is George Watson from TS Electronics. I'm phoning about the

order for the parts XR500.

B: Right, Mr. Watson. Could you give me the order number?

A: Yes, it's MK/40XR500/187.

B: ... Right, I've got it. So what's the problem?




A: The problem is they haven't arrived.

B: Oh…

A: They were due on April 1st. We called last week, must have been the

10th and were promised them the next day — the 11th. Well, it's now

the 16th and there's still no sign.

B: I see. That's very strange. Can I call you back?

A: Please do. My number is 810437.

B: Thank you. I'll phone you back in the next fifteen minutes, (some

time later)

B: Mr. Watson, this is Mary Jones from Sigma.

A: Ah right. I hope you've got some good news for me.

B: First of all, I must apologize. Your order had got mixed with another

customer's. Your truck should be with you this afternoon.

A: Well, I hope it won't happen again. Bye.

B: Good bye, Mr. Watson.

Ключи к упражнениям

VII. Couple — pair; bring about — lead to; constant — steady; increase — go up; be the reason for — cause; around — about; fall — decrease; slash — stroke.

VIII. 1. seventy three stroke twelve G; 2. forty five dollars; 3. A pound is at five dollars forty two; 4. Two and a half hours; 5. Four point zero one seven; 6. Twenty hundred oh-eight; 7. 9th November, 1998 and 11th September, 1998.

IX. (1) USD 3,500,000; (2) 1,594,000, (3) 31st January, 1706, (4) 2.25%, (5) 7.18, (6.) 1493, (7) ? 28.37, (8) +9° С

X. Acceleration, fluctuation, stabilization, improvement, recovery, fall.

XI. l.(C);(B).

XV. 1. C; 2. A; 3. C; 4. B; 5. C; 6. A; 7. B; 8. A: 9. A; 10. C; 11. A; 12. C; 13. A; 14. D; 15. C; 16. D; 17. C; 18. A; 19. B; 20. С


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