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How to Write Research Papers?

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In many ways a research paper is an effort to answer a question or a series of questions. From this the researcher forms a main idea (that is, a thesis) on which to base the writing of the paper. So a research paper is a form of writing based upon a thesis supported by facts, figures, statistics, and other writers' carefully documented ideas. The purpose of a research paper is to analyze and interpret information while making valid conclusions based upon the research.

Remember that to write a research paper you must:

1. Rely on more than your own personal opinions and experiences.

2. Choose a topic and explore it:

• Narrow down the topic.

• Formulate a research focus. •Gather data.

• Write a thesis statement.

3. Make an argument:

• Select the supporting details, facts, and statistics.

• Prepare a working outline.

4. Bring a conclusion:

• Bring together the main ideas of the paper.
• Repeat the thesis on the paper.

5. Write your notes, records, and plans in English.

6. Always ask your instructor for make sure of the direction of your paper before proceeding with the research.

Once you have collected and analyzed the information you need you can begin to determine your article design. When writing a research paper you must communicate your own ideas, but you must also include other writers' and speakers' ideas. In addition, you will need to refer to facts, figures, statistics, and other information from other sources. Therefore, it is your responsibility to document your writing by making clear which ideas are your own and which ideas belong to others. All of this must follow special rules for documenting sources that are not your own opinion by making references.

Another concern is how to illustrate your writing. Most people are familiar with tables, charts, and graphs — they are a common staple of

business reports, newspapers, and even television news. But few people understand why particular data are shown using particular kinds of tables, charts, or graphs. In determining when to use words and when to use tables and other illustrations, keep the following criteria in mind as you are developing a draft. Tables, charts, and graphs are better than words when:

• You have complex numerical or statistical data to convey;

• You are describing something that requires the reader to form a mental image in order to understand it;

• You want to present information in a form the reader will be able to recall easily.

Abstracts (an article) are far more than a one- or two-page piece of writing on a particular subject written for publication in scientific journals. They are also considered as a way to answer a particular question but only one in contradistinction to the research paper. Abstracts should contain at least an introduction to the matter, its brief description, and sometimes probable benefits for the interested party. As a rule, they lack illustrations and references.

II. Ответьте на вопросы.

1. What is the purpose of a research paper?

2. How should you document the ideas of other writers?

3. How should you communicate your own ideas?

4. Is it necessary to explain and clarify information?

5. How is the main idea of your writing called?

6. When do you use illustrations instead of words?

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