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  2. Useful Shopping Phrases




1. Names of shopes:

- butcher's (at the - ) – baker's – grocer's – greengrocer's – fishmonger's – confectioner's – supermarket

2. At the supermarket:

- customer/ shopper

- cashier

- shop-assistant

- carrier – bag/shopping bag

- conveyer belt

- check – out desk

3. Departments at a supermarket

- frozen foods

- dairy produce

- tinned food

- meat

- packeged goods

- vegetables and fruits


Vocabulary Practice  


1. Name all the things you can buy at different shops and departments at a supermarket.

2. Will you please decide what things you would buy In an American store and which in an English shop:

- cookie, biscuit

- chips, French fries

- chocolate, candy

- tin, can

- biscuit, cracker

3. for each of the quantities on the left find an appropriate kind of uncountable food or drink on the left:

1. a slice of a) cake

2. a loaf of b) ham

3. a piece of c) lemon juice

4. a bowl of d) cornflakes

5. a bunch of e) salt

6. a pinch of f) bread

7. a crop of g) grapes



1. Daily needs

Gene: This is the last of milk. (We've run out of milk).

Mother: I know. I intend to go to the store today.

- Would you get some of that new cerial we saw advertised on TV?

- Which one?

- You know… the one with the silly ad (advertisement) about how vitamins jump up and down.

- Oh, you mean «Kikies»

- Yeah. That's the one.

- Well, I'll see. Sometimes the stores don't haev some of the new kinds of cereal.

2. A few Errands

Felix: I'm just going down to the shops to buy some cigarettes, Gertie. Do you want anything while I'm there?

Gertie: Yea, what a good idea! There's a lot of things I need, as a matter of fact. Let me see… We haven't got many eggs left, so bring a dozen large ones. And there isn't much cooking-fat In the jar, so bring a pound of lard.

- Hold on! If you want me to get a lot of things, write them down on a piece of paper, or I'll forget something.

- All right. But wait a minute, while I look in the other cupboard to see what we need.

- Hurry up, then I want to call In for a chat with Gerry on the way back.

- We've got a plenty of cocoa, but we've nearly run out of coffee and there isn't a great deal of tea left. So bring a large tin of instant and a quarter pound of tea. Oh! And I want some ham.

- How much?

- Half a pound will do. We're short of vegetables, tea, bring some beans and a tin of carrots…

- I only wanted to go out for a stroll and a chat. I'll need a lorry to bring all that home…


Group Activities

1. In the following dialogues the part of Jennifer has been left out. Put in the words she speaks in the right order from the phrases below:

1. A bar of lux, please.

2. And a dozen eggs, please.

3. Haven't you?

4. A packet of crisps, please. And a bar of soap.

5. Standard, please.

6. Tea, please.

7. Thank you. Cheerio.

8. Hello, Mr. Davies. I'd like to have a pound of butter, please.

9. And a tin of pears, please.

10. No, just one more thing – a pound of cheese.

11. All right. I'll take a tin of peaches them.

Mr. Davies – Hello, Jenny. What can I do for you?

Jennifer 1) ………

- Yes. Anything else?

2) ………

- Large or standard?

3) ………

- Here you are.

4) ……….

- Oh, I'm afraid we haven't got any peare left.

5) ……….

- No, but we've got lots of peached.

6) ………..

- Right you are. Anything else?

7) ………..

- Yes. Now what sort of soap do you want?

- 30 -

8) ………..

- Right. Is that all?

9) ………...

- Cheddar?

10) ………

- Right, then, let's see now… That's 1.5 L pounds, altogether, please, Jenny. ( Jenny hands him 2 pounds). Thank you. And 49 pence change.

11) ………

- Cheerio, love.


2. In pair try to decide on foodstuffs you need at the moment/ for a party. Then interact talks between the one who goes to a shop with your shopping list and a shop-assistant.



Translation Practice



1. По-моему, у нас закончился сахар, да и масла немного осталось. Придётся сегодня зайти в магазин по дороге домой.

2. Ты не сходишь в булочную? У нас нет хлеба. – Хорошо.

3. Я терпеть не могу ходить по магазинам. Особенно, когда приходится стоять в очереди.

4. Так хочется рыбы. Давай пожарим рыбу на ужин. – Тогда нужно сходить в рыбный магазин. – Давай, ты пойдёшь и купишь форель или треску, а я пожарю.

5. Представляешь, сегодня пока я стояла в очереди в

6. универсаме, женщина впереди увидела подругу и позвала её. Пришлось ждать лишних полчаса, пока эта дама делала закупку продуктов на целую неделю.

7. – Тебе помочь? У тебя, по-моему, тяжёлая сумка. – Да, спасибо. По дороге из института я зашла в мясной и овощной, и накупила мяса, картошки, огурцов т. д.

8. – Я собираюсь в магазин. Что нужно купить? – Много всего. Завтра у нас гости. Купи, пожалуйста, цыплят, колбасы, ветчины. Нам также нужно немного горошка; ах да, ещё масла, сметаны … - Подожди, может, ты лучше составишь мне список? А то я что-нибудь забуду.

9. – Что бы вы хотели? – 2 фунта говядины и ветчины. – Отлично. – Что-нибудь ещё? – Нет, спасибо.

10. – Я бы хотела купить компот из абрикосов, немного апельсинового сока. - Что-нибудь ещё? - Да. Банку сливового варенья. - Это будет 5 фунтов.

11. – Чья очередь идти в магазин? – Моя. – Отлично. Не забудь купить кофе. У нас его почти не осталось. – Ладно, ладно, я уже посмотрела, кофе у нас нет.





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