And authors to schoolchildren. Feel free to add any relevant information.

  1. Act out a teacher-class session, telling your students the origin of Robinson Crusoe. Feel free to add any comments or relevant information.




Listening Comprehension

20 Before listening to a story make sure you understand the meanings of these words. Write their Russian/Belarusian equivalents in the gaps.

a survey ..... an adolescent take smth in (phrasal verb] . - a set of questions that you ask a large number of people in order to find out about their opinions or behaviour   - someone who is at the age when they change from being a child into a young adult (used especially when talking about problems that young people have at this age).   - to understand and remember new facts or information. E.g. I'm not going to my next class. I'm too tired to take anything in.  
  quote (spoken) - used when you are going to repeat what someone else has said, to emphasize that it is exactly the way they said it. The minister said, quote: 'There will be no more tax increases this year.'  
  a distraction ..... - something that stops you paying attention to what you are doing I study in the library as there are too many distractions at home.  
  a CD-ROM compact disc read-only memory - a CD on which large quantities of information can be stored to be used by a computer.  
  a laptop (computer). - (A notebook computer) a small computer that you carry with you  
  a substitute ............................ - a person or thing that you use instead of the one that you usually have, because the usual one is not available. E.g. a sugar substitute, a father substitute
  portable (adj) . - able to be carried or moved easily. E.g. a portable radio  
  a bookmark - a piece of paper, leather etc that you put in a book to show you the last page you have read  
  an established author ............................ - having a good reputation as a writer  
  glamorous (adj)... - attractive, exciting, and related to wealth and success  
  to kidnap smb - to take someone somewhere illegally by force, often in order to get money for returning them  
  an arms dealer - someone who sells arms (weapons) illegally  
  a fashion editor.......... - someone who prepares a book or article for printing on the subject of fashion by deciding what to include and checking for any mistakes  
  background .................. 1. the sounds that you can hear apart from the main thing that you are listening to 2. someone's family, education, previous work etc


21 The recording mentions some names as well as titles of books. Which is which? Can you sort them out into names and titles?


Jason Marshall / the Booksellers Association/ John Grisham/ The Pelican Brief/ Ruth Rendell/ Gallowglass /Barbara Vine /John Le Carre [ka`rei]/ Dazzle/ The Night Manager/ Rising Sun/

Judith Krantz/ Michael Crichton ['kraitən]

names titles


Note the meanings of these words:

dazzle (n) - the dazzle of a light is its sudden brightness, so you cannot see properly.

brief a law case that a lawyer will argue in a court



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